Sunday, February 24, 2019

Weekly Catch Up: Almost Through February

I am hoping to get back to posting regularly and saying HI! along with sharing some of the week that has gone by included the videos I've posted on my YouTube channel. February has been a bit of a tough month in terms of the weather, so the this week was getting outside! It was very exciting to stock back up on veggies and simply enjoy the slightly milder weather. We also had the gorgeous Snow Moon this week which was stunning. I'm looking forward to trying making roasted root vegetables and sausages this weekend. Wish me luck!

Friday Reads

This is my weekly video where I share the books that I've finished, the books that I've started and anything interesting about books I'm carrying over week to week!

January Haul

In this video I share all the books I bought in January, including how much I spent and also asking the question: is a monthly subscription to a book service money spent on books? I mention Brock and his Let's Read Spreadsheet of Awesomeness 2019.

Film Vlog: Underworld Film Series

I love the Underworld Films (well, most of them!). I happily noticed that the most recent film in the series, Blood Wars, was added to Netflix and I took it as an opportunity to re-watch the entire series and than enjoy the new installment. And I did enjoy the new installment. Here me gush about the films here!

January Reading Reflection

This year I have decided to do monthly videos where once the month is complete, I look back to see what I read and how closely it resembles what I set out to read. The results are, shall we say "interesting" This was published earlier in the month, but as it will be a regular feature this year I wanted to include the first one. I hope you enjoy it!

That was my week! I hope you had a good one!

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