Sunday, July 09, 2017

Sketchbook Summer: Week 1

I'm having so much fun playing along with Sketchbook Summer, which is a art challenge for July where the goal is to finish a sketchbook cover to cover in the month of July. There is a Facebook Page where they share daily prompts, which often include not only a theme/subject but also a style or starting point suggestion (like two-toned or chicken nuggets). I'll admit, I wasn't sure what to do with chicken nuggets...but it led to one of my favourite drawings.

Above: Day 4 - Cave Men Chicken Nuggets

A big focus for me on taking part of this is practice. Not practice-makes-perfect practice, but get-back-in-the-habit practice. Get to the page. Every day if I can. Make marks, explore ideas and don't get tripped up if something doesn't turn out as expected. In fact, not everything has turned out as expected, and there are a few I don't even particularly like, but I'm actually feeling okay with that. I have gotten to the page more often that I have in a long time and I do also have several drawings that I truly enjoy.

Above: Day 3: Skeletons, Two-Toned and Day 6: Cats, Watercolour Washes

One challenge is that have more ideas than I have energy to draw, which isn't super awesome and I'm not sure the best approach for this. Right now I've added a post it note with the idea and left it on a page somewhere near where that theme was. I'm not sure if this was a good idea, or a bad idea, as I've yet to be able to go back and fill in those pages and I really want to get the whole sketchbook filled up. Maybe I'll schedule in a 'catch up' hour sometime during the week for those ones.

Above: The not-quite dones

Overall, I am having so much fun. It's really exciting to see what the prompt will be every day and I've found so many new people that I've enjoyed seeing their work including: Frederick Michaelsen, kyounza and Nick Perkins.

Want to see and hear more? I talk more about the experience of doing Sketchbook Summer on the most recent episode of stART: Creating As We Go and I post my sketches on Instagram,

Find out more about Sketchbook Summer on their Facebook Page and Intro Vid, plus find fellow sketchers and their work over on Instagram.

Above: More Day 4 Cave Man (Women) Chicken Nuggets and Day 7 - "Bad" Chickens with Non-Dominant Hand

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