2016: My Year in Books

2016 was a pretty amazing reading year for me. I read the most books (ever) in a year, I enjoyed oodles of the titles, moved into my new place and was reunited with my books that were in storage, got back into Shakespeare and really put a priority of Canadian books. I also moved into my new place and was reunited with books that were in storage for quite some time (16 boxes of books!). I got to enjoy both physical books and ebooks, enjoyed books that I own and many from the library. So much bookish goodness. As an overview of the year, I have down two vlogs below tha wrapping up the year. I have one where I share a wrap up and reflection of the year an another where I share my top ten books of the year. Fun times.

The numbers: 158 titles read *

18 short stories
2 Fairy Tales
8 Graphic Novels
6 Audiobooks
5 re-reads
2 DNF's
117 books

The 117 includes everything from racy novellas to War and Peace. I didn't break it down by page count as 30 pages of Shakespeare felt more challenging than a 600 page book that was mostly images. I can only drill it down so much before the data loses some meaning and this felt like the right level. I am thrilled to have read this much this year, it's the most read year and I don't think I'll try and surpass it. I might even actively try to go less crazy next year, but who knows what 2017 will bring?

* I know that doesn't match GoodReads (they don't count re-reads), there was 1 story I read that wasn't listed and the rest of the numbers off is books that were DNF'd (Did Not Finish).

Overall, I'm very happy with how my reading turned out. I started fine turning the things I want to focus on, created new challenges, tried a bunch of new things (not all worked - but that's learning too!). I'm really happy that I've come up with a system that works for me, and having priority categories for the types of books that I want to read from Canadian titles, to non-fiction, to Shakespeare, to challenges and lists, to romance novel and book club titles. I've also recently realized I enjoy the reflecting part of the reading process after finishing a book, and I think I will work that more into my reading process year next year. But for 2016, I think I'm good where I am.

I hope you had an amazing year for reading!

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