When Days Go Differently Than Planned

Today ended up being a bit of an odd one. I had some errands and such to do, but the subway was down for a bit and and I wasn't to get to where I was going. After a rushed phone call to sort logistics out, I was left with having to re-gig my plans and oddly being calm about it. I don't usually do well with plans changing on the fly, but this time I decided to just meander a bit and see what happened. It was nice to feel pretty calm about it all, although I hope that doesn't mean I'll be freaking out later.

I still ended up getting some erranding done, and was having that dreaded lots-of-stuff-I-like-is-on-sale-but-the-kind-I-like-is-out-of-stock. It was three things in a row, my favourite tea was on sale but they only had decaf, peanut butter was on sale but smooth was sold out, and so on. Kind of funny. I'm a little more lax on not having the perfect choice, but I still was rolling my eyes a bit. Good thing I like Irish Breakfast tea almost as much as English Breakfast.

Also on the theme of trying new things, it was time to pick my next journal. I generally go with lined but this time I decided to pick this unlined Moleskin that I bought ages ago. I love the idea of keeping a visual journal, and was recently inspired when I read Danny Gregory's book Everyday Matters, which sparked the idea having a page with a drawing as well as writing something about what I drew. I don't usually pair words and images, so this might be a challenge.

I certainly have something to draw today! I picked up this flower (or plant?) at a store I always admire when I walk by it. The woman who sold it to me was suprized I was only buying one, and I thought that meant that they go in the garden, but she said it just needs a bigger pot, more soil and a lot of sun. The sun I can do, the rest I'll have to work on as I'm not a bit plant person. But this one was so pretty I couldn't resist. I hope I can keep it alive.

So I didn't end up doing what I expected, I've not yet journaled, but I have Irish Breakfast tea, low fat peanut butter and a cute plant. I'd say things didn't go to badly, even if they went a differently than planned.


Suzie Ridler said…
The subway was down? Yes, that would cause a lot of kerfuffle and throwing things off. You did quite well considering Shannon and yay to a new plant!
I loved reading this, Shannon. It's so nice to follow you on your day. I could just feel that "d'oh!" at the grocery store. And what a beautiful plant! Did anyone tell you what it is? I'm not quite sure. It looks rather peony-esque, I must say. I'm so curious how you'll find the Moleskine. I really have loved both writing and journaling in them. I hope you enjoy yours!

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