A Long Day Post

Today was an out day for me, with an appointment to go to. I remember when that could have been one of many things I did in a day, but not anymore. It was quite a trek, but a very familiar trek up to the area I grew up in. So many changes up there, and I notice more with each time I go. What used to be "new" houses now feel indistinguishable from the rest, the gas station I used to wait for the bus in front of is gone, and new construction is happening all of the time.

One thing that was nice though, was that it was a sunny day. It was just on the edge of too hot for me (which is really hot.. I don't mind the heat too much), and thankfully it wasn't too humid. The sky was gorgeous and the sun shone in all it's glory. So much so that not all the pictures I took turned out how I expected. That's okay, I don't mind the odd pic here and there. It was so bright out I couldn't see what I was taking anyway, which makes it a fun suprize to look at later, as long as there are at least some I like. It's amazing how many more pictures we take now that we can take them digital, just click, click, click away and later delete, delete, delete those that don't make the cut. If you end up editing down, which I haven't in a long while. That will be a later project for sure. Sort and label pictures goes on the later list.

Although it was long trek both ways, I was lucky enough to be able to read a lot of that way there and back, and while I was waiting. I read even more than expected because the subway got stalled between stations at one point for about 10 minutes. I barely noticed, nose in my book smiling to myself. Overall, I read about 10% more of The Diviners by Margaret Laurence. This book is just slaying me. It's so good. It feels so honest, and heartbreaking, and real. I feel for Morag. And like many Canadian books, saying "what it's about" feels completely irrelevant to the experience of reading it. So much is in the pacing, the rhythm of the writing and the moments in time that are created. I'm so glad I've made an active effort to read Canadian fiction. When I look back at what I've read this year, all of the Canadian books pop out to me as favourites (or at least important, in the case of Roughing it in the Bush!).

After a long day like that, I know that I'm out for the count for the rest of the day. I had some lunch/brunch/snack/dinner and watched Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It's wild, because I'm quite confident I've seen the first few seasons of DS9 but every once in a while I come across one that I don't recognize at all. Even the ones I do recognize, there is often so much more in there that I missed from previous viewings. I am absolutely loving watching the show, for both the comfort of the familiar and the new gems along the way. It was a great way to rest after a long day.


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