Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Decision Fatigue Strikes

OH the search for a keyboard. It's a challenging thing. For so many things you can simply research and then order online (is there anything Amazon doesn't sell?). But for keyboards, you gotta get hands one. It's all about the feel. I need a new one, or technically I need one with a softer touch, so I went out to Best Buy to have a look. After much hmm-ing and haw-ing I decided I wanted the one above. Soft touch, but still had number pad (that's a must for me), came with a mouse and it was on sale. Woot! Except... Sold out :(

The helpful guy at the store recommending gaming keyboards, because they are very sensitive and showed me the one above. SO PRETTY! But, they didn't have a display one and for that price I wanted to get hands on before committing. They did have the arrow keys out of the box, but as a touch typist I need to really feel it. I really like this one though so I'll keep an eye on it to see if it goes on sale.

On to a third option, also a gaming one but it was pretty big in all directions. And the keyboard was way up high and I could barely get the sense of typing but it felt pretty good from what I could tell. Although the price was a bit high, it did have a mouse and enough bells and whistles to make it worth it. Did I buy it? In all honestly, I probably should have gone for this one. But I didn't.

Decision fatigue totally had hit me by this point, and I was feeling like I needed to leave with something but I didn't want to pay higher price from a gamble. So I ended up going for a cheaper one that I didn't even take a pic of, and told myself I'll keep an eye out of the nice ones. I also felt like I was worried about the larger one taking up too much space on my desk and couldn't visualize what my desk even looked like. Clearly, at this point I beyond making good decisions and fell back to old habits: buy the cheapest you think will work. Sigh. That said, i did *leave* with one, which was a priority. I haven't opened it yet. It looks so small, and now I'm worried I should have gone with an more ergonomics one with a wrist pad area. Gah. Why are decisions so tough?

And before I was lost in all the keyboards, I took a goofy picture with the awesome statue type thing of a game I've not played. I really love it. I think I take a pic of it everyt time I'm there! I was happy when I went in. But I was outta steam when I left. I wonder if I'll go for the one I bought or try something else. We'll see!

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