Monday, August 22, 2016

A Regular Post

I'm trying to think of a crafty way to say I would like to get back to regularly posting on my blog, but all I can come up with is that I want to get back to posting on my blog.

As of late (long late, like months or years), I tend to have big epic posts one new projects or updates or time capsules. I love them. I love the moment-in-time they provide, sharing the big ideas on my mind, and having a touchstone to how things are going. But the catch is, they take so long to make! And I want to get it just so, have lots of links, the right pictures, etc. And I love that too. But I don't love how long it takes.

So, I think I'm going to go a little old school. A pic, some works, and be here more often. So that's what this is. So far today, these are the only two pictures I've taken. The above one is my traditional "Good Morning!" picture that I post on Instagram, it's my morning coffee and the dated blank page before I start writing my morning pages. I don't remember consciously making the decision to take this pictures, but I think it aligned to when I finally got a phone I could Instagram with. Ironically today I ended up using a different mug than my regularly morning mug. But I really like this IMAX mug that I picked up on the weekend for 49cents at Value Village. It's not the thickest mug though, so I have to drink my coffee faster than normal if I want to have it while it's still warm.

The second picture I took today was of myself (below), as a way to say HI! to everyone this morning. I try to actively remember to take pictures of myself, mostly because I like seeing pictures of other people on Instagram and Facebook. We can often get so focused on what we are showing and sharing, that we don't share us in pictures! I really do think of it as a /wave to everyone. Although today I didn't even think of what I looked like before sharing, and how I can tell is because I'm wearing my glasses and I rarely share pics of that. But I guess I wanted to say Hi! more than than anything else.

I love Instagram, so you can always find me there. I also am trying to get back into Twitter. And back to being here. I guess I'm feeling like sharing and connecting these days. I wonder where this adventure will go!


Suzie Ridler said...

I love your hello photos Shannon and your Morning Pages pics! And yay to getting back to regular blogging, I gotta work on that too.

Lynn said...

You inspire me, Shannon. And now, thanks to you, I think I'll get my blog up and running again in the fall. I love following you and your sisters' creative exploits.

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