Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Decision Fatigue Strikes

OH the search for a keyboard. It's a challenging thing. For so many things you can simply research and then order online (is there anything Amazon doesn't sell?). But for keyboards, you gotta get hands one. It's all about the feel. I need a new one, or technically I need one with a softer touch, so I went out to Best Buy to have a look. After much hmm-ing and haw-ing I decided I wanted the one above. Soft touch, but still had number pad (that's a must for me), came with a mouse and it was on sale. Woot! Except... Sold out :(

The helpful guy at the store recommending gaming keyboards, because they are very sensitive and showed me the one above. SO PRETTY! But, they didn't have a display one and for that price I wanted to get hands on before committing. They did have the arrow keys out of the box, but as a touch typist I need to really feel it. I really like this one though so I'll keep an eye on it to see if it goes on sale.

On to a third option, also a gaming one but it was pretty big in all directions. And the keyboard was way up high and I could barely get the sense of typing but it felt pretty good from what I could tell. Although the price was a bit high, it did have a mouse and enough bells and whistles to make it worth it. Did I buy it? In all honestly, I probably should have gone for this one. But I didn't.

Decision fatigue totally had hit me by this point, and I was feeling like I needed to leave with something but I didn't want to pay higher price from a gamble. So I ended up going for a cheaper one that I didn't even take a pic of, and told myself I'll keep an eye out of the nice ones. I also felt like I was worried about the larger one taking up too much space on my desk and couldn't visualize what my desk even looked like. Clearly, at this point I beyond making good decisions and fell back to old habits: buy the cheapest you think will work. Sigh. That said, i did *leave* with one, which was a priority. I haven't opened it yet. It looks so small, and now I'm worried I should have gone with an more ergonomics one with a wrist pad area. Gah. Why are decisions so tough?

And before I was lost in all the keyboards, I took a goofy picture with the awesome statue type thing of a game I've not played. I really love it. I think I take a pic of it everyt time I'm there! I was happy when I went in. But I was outta steam when I left. I wonder if I'll go for the one I bought or try something else. We'll see!

Friday, August 26, 2016

It's Finally Friday

Today I remembered to take of picture of my POV when posting, or doing any computer stuff for that matter. Had a fair amount of that this week, and I'm so happy I've been able to post through the entire week. It's been fun to get back to blogging.

On of my regs for Friday is to do a Friday Reads vlog, sharing any books I've finished, or continuing, or starting new from the past week and onto the next. I've had a lot of fun doing the Friday Reads vlogs, which over the years has been one of my most regular vlogs. This week I had a bit of a reading slump, and in the video I chatted about how I was able to find my way through it. As we near the end of the month, I always try to push through my currently reading list to finishing up and start afresh in the new month. We'll see if happens next week.

Later in the day I hung out with my sister Jamie and we had a great time. I have to start remembering to take pics we we are together! We get to chatting and I don't think about anything else other than that. Next time I'll remember, I hope! She also brought some treats with her including these paints (thank you Jamie!) that I have totally be wanting, and also brought over my new big purchase of an Android TV Box. I know what I'll be doing this weekend, the dream of which is watching lots of TV and the reality of which is figuring out the tech. It will totally be worth it. I can't wait to get started.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Long Day Post

Today was an out day for me, with an appointment to go to. I remember when that could have been one of many things I did in a day, but not anymore. It was quite a trek, but a very familiar trek up to the area I grew up in. So many changes up there, and I notice more with each time I go. What used to be "new" houses now feel indistinguishable from the rest, the gas station I used to wait for the bus in front of is gone, and new construction is happening all of the time.

One thing that was nice though, was that it was a sunny day. It was just on the edge of too hot for me (which is really hot.. I don't mind the heat too much), and thankfully it wasn't too humid. The sky was gorgeous and the sun shone in all it's glory. So much so that not all the pictures I took turned out how I expected. That's okay, I don't mind the odd pic here and there. It was so bright out I couldn't see what I was taking anyway, which makes it a fun suprize to look at later, as long as there are at least some I like. It's amazing how many more pictures we take now that we can take them digital, just click, click, click away and later delete, delete, delete those that don't make the cut. If you end up editing down, which I haven't in a long while. That will be a later project for sure. Sort and label pictures goes on the later list.

Although it was long trek both ways, I was lucky enough to be able to read a lot of that way there and back, and while I was waiting. I read even more than expected because the subway got stalled between stations at one point for about 10 minutes. I barely noticed, nose in my book smiling to myself. Overall, I read about 10% more of The Diviners by Margaret Laurence. This book is just slaying me. It's so good. It feels so honest, and heartbreaking, and real. I feel for Morag. And like many Canadian books, saying "what it's about" feels completely irrelevant to the experience of reading it. So much is in the pacing, the rhythm of the writing and the moments in time that are created. I'm so glad I've made an active effort to read Canadian fiction. When I look back at what I've read this year, all of the Canadian books pop out to me as favourites (or at least important, in the case of Roughing it in the Bush!).

After a long day like that, I know that I'm out for the count for the rest of the day. I had some lunch/brunch/snack/dinner and watched Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It's wild, because I'm quite confident I've seen the first few seasons of DS9 but every once in a while I come across one that I don't recognize at all. Even the ones I do recognize, there is often so much more in there that I missed from previous viewings. I am absolutely loving watching the show, for both the comfort of the familiar and the new gems along the way. It was a great way to rest after a long day.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

An Unusually Early Start

My day started early. I'm not a morning person, but today I was up pretty early and I was really ready for some coffee. After morning pages, I dove right into doing some behind the scenes stuff for my sister Jamie. I have looked at a lot of HTML today, funny how it starts to read as normal after a while.

One thing that was on my mind today was reading. Over the past few years I've actively worked on reading, both challenging myself and also remembering to enjoy what I read. It's been quite a dance between priorities, and I often go down the rabbit hole of researching and compiling lists, most recently with the SciFi Fantasy and Weird Adventure. But over the past few days, I've felt a bit slumpy.

I'm in the middle of about 8 books right now, and normally that doesn't phase me but I ended up just not reading for the past few days. I was starting to feel overwhelmed so I had a little sit down with the list of the books I was reading. As with any list I make, I grouped like items and looked at them by priority. Do any have deadlines? What's due back at the library or being read for a book club/monthly challenge? What would be easier to buy than read for the library? What's coming up next in the queue that I need to make space for?

Once I sorted that all out, I realized that I have two romance novels on the go that I want to finish by next week, and if I can work on them, plus read a chapter of The Odyssey and a book by Pema Chödrön, I'll be in good shape. There is lots more on my currently reading list, but this feels like what I need to get the motor running again. Time to get that inertia going!

Lunch Break! This is another one of my random-yet-now-often-shared pics, my lunch. I don't quite know why I do it, and I eat almost the same thing for lunch every day, but I still often end up sharing it on Instagram and Facebook. Today was hummus on crispbreads, plus carrots and blueberries. The blueberries were so tiny and quite tart, but I really enjoyed them

No pics of me at the computer, even though there was a lot of that today. It's been a long day, but it's been nice to have romance novel reading breaks. Here is me with my Kindle in all it's bright green cover glory. Good thing I figured out what I wanted to focus with reading, as this gave me a good thing to do while taking rest breaks. A little re-jigging got me back on course there, and now I can't wait to find out what happens next in my book. Who will she choose? And will he return her affections? Will the war be avoided, or is their a battle on the horizon? Good stuff.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

When Days Go Differently Than Planned

Today ended up being a bit of an odd one. I had some errands and such to do, but the subway was down for a bit and and I wasn't to get to where I was going. After a rushed phone call to sort logistics out, I was left with having to re-gig my plans and oddly being calm about it. I don't usually do well with plans changing on the fly, but this time I decided to just meander a bit and see what happened. It was nice to feel pretty calm about it all, although I hope that doesn't mean I'll be freaking out later.

I still ended up getting some erranding done, and was having that dreaded lots-of-stuff-I-like-is-on-sale-but-the-kind-I-like-is-out-of-stock. It was three things in a row, my favourite tea was on sale but they only had decaf, peanut butter was on sale but smooth was sold out, and so on. Kind of funny. I'm a little more lax on not having the perfect choice, but I still was rolling my eyes a bit. Good thing I like Irish Breakfast tea almost as much as English Breakfast.

Also on the theme of trying new things, it was time to pick my next journal. I generally go with lined but this time I decided to pick this unlined Moleskin that I bought ages ago. I love the idea of keeping a visual journal, and was recently inspired when I read Danny Gregory's book Everyday Matters, which sparked the idea having a page with a drawing as well as writing something about what I drew. I don't usually pair words and images, so this might be a challenge.

I certainly have something to draw today! I picked up this flower (or plant?) at a store I always admire when I walk by it. The woman who sold it to me was suprized I was only buying one, and I thought that meant that they go in the garden, but she said it just needs a bigger pot, more soil and a lot of sun. The sun I can do, the rest I'll have to work on as I'm not a bit plant person. But this one was so pretty I couldn't resist. I hope I can keep it alive.

So I didn't end up doing what I expected, I've not yet journaled, but I have Irish Breakfast tea, low fat peanut butter and a cute plant. I'd say things didn't go to badly, even if they went a differently than planned.

Monday, August 22, 2016

A Regular Post

I'm trying to think of a crafty way to say I would like to get back to regularly posting on my blog, but all I can come up with is that I want to get back to posting on my blog.

As of late (long late, like months or years), I tend to have big epic posts one new projects or updates or time capsules. I love them. I love the moment-in-time they provide, sharing the big ideas on my mind, and having a touchstone to how things are going. But the catch is, they take so long to make! And I want to get it just so, have lots of links, the right pictures, etc. And I love that too. But I don't love how long it takes.

So, I think I'm going to go a little old school. A pic, some works, and be here more often. So that's what this is. So far today, these are the only two pictures I've taken. The above one is my traditional "Good Morning!" picture that I post on Instagram, it's my morning coffee and the dated blank page before I start writing my morning pages. I don't remember consciously making the decision to take this pictures, but I think it aligned to when I finally got a phone I could Instagram with. Ironically today I ended up using a different mug than my regularly morning mug. But I really like this IMAX mug that I picked up on the weekend for 49cents at Value Village. It's not the thickest mug though, so I have to drink my coffee faster than normal if I want to have it while it's still warm.

The second picture I took today was of myself (below), as a way to say HI! to everyone this morning. I try to actively remember to take pictures of myself, mostly because I like seeing pictures of other people on Instagram and Facebook. We can often get so focused on what we are showing and sharing, that we don't share us in pictures! I really do think of it as a /wave to everyone. Although today I didn't even think of what I looked like before sharing, and how I can tell is because I'm wearing my glasses and I rarely share pics of that. But I guess I wanted to say Hi! more than than anything else.

I love Instagram, so you can always find me there. I also am trying to get back into Twitter. And back to being here. I guess I'm feeling like sharing and connecting these days. I wonder where this adventure will go!