May 2016 Reading Wrap Up

May was another mammoth reading month for me, and a bit of a heavier one especially given I made it though the audiobook of The Iliad. That's an epic book! I actually really want to read The Odyssey and I have a paper copy of it so reading The Iliad was a bit of a precursor to that. However, I think I need a break from the epic. My brain hurts.

I did have some lighter reads, including the awesome scifi/fantasy book Clean Sweep that had almost every fantastical element I like but in a current day setting. Love that! I also read a few short stories, including keeping up with more HP Lovecraft (I don't know if I'll ever finish the 1000+ page anthology I'm reading). Overall, I thought it was a pretty good reading month even if I didn't get to a Canadian title or a Shakespeare play, but there is always next month!

Books Mentioned:

  • Those Books: The Iliad by Homer
  • Non-Fiction: Paranormal State by Ryan Buell
  • Book Club *: Silver on the Road by Laura Anne Gilman
  • Book Club Alternate: Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews
  • Short Story: Wendigo by K.T. Bryski, Toronto Star Short Story Contest Winner
  • HP Lovecraft story: The Music of Erich Zahn by HP Lovecraft
  • Fantasy/Science Fiction and Book to Film Adaptation-ish: Day of the Dragon by Richard A Knack (WarCraft Series)

The Book Club I follow if the Vaginal Fantasy Book Club, and their hangout to discuss the May selection of Silver on the Road will be tomorrow, June 7, 2016. I enjoyed the book, even with the slow burn pace but the forums were pretty split on how they felt about the book, I wonder how the ladies will feel about it. I can't wait to find out.

Given it was a heavier ready month, I am curious about this whole "Summer Reads" thing. I have never done it, and don't quite know where to start. Do you switch to summer reads in the warm months? I would love to hear your take on summer reads, and any book or author suggestions.

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