The Path ~ TV Series Premiere Review

I'm continuing to love sharing thoughts on new TV series over at YouTube, and I'm happy to share here to. This time, I'm chatting about The Path. Now this show started a few weeks ago, but all current episodes are still available to watch online over at, so you still have time to jump into the show and I certainly suggested you do.

The Path is a psychological thriller that follows a religious group/cult, and there is definitely more than one mystery going on here. I was extremely engaged while watching the first episode and always curious about the deeper meaning behind what we were seeing. Everyone seems to have quite a story of how they came to the cult, but in large part that is left a mystery to us. I love that. They do not handhold the audience, but rather throw us into an already structured society and we are left curiously trying to figure out what the meaning behind each moment is.

Equally as impressive to the story, is the exceptional acting. I was blown away in this first episode. The cast includes Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan and Hugh Dancy all of which do amazing jobs of showing us complex characters with unique motivations. I can't wait to see more into each of their character stories.

I highly recommend checking out the series.

The Path airs on Showcase and can also be seen online at

Have you checked out The Path? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the show!


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