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TV This Week: April 18 to 24, 2016 ~ New and Returning TV Shows

The Cast of Containment

One of the things I love keeping a eye out for is new and returning TV shows. There is a lot of TV out there to enjoy, but long gone are the days when we only have new shows starting in September or the Summer. Nowadays, pretty much ever week there is something new to check out, or a favourite returning for a new season. I have pretty eclectic tastes and watch shows from almost every station out there, which means I tend to keep track of pretty much anything that's available here in Canada. Knowing that not everyone keeps a detailed spreadsheet of releases, I thought it would be fun to share the information here so that you too would be able to see what's new this week. Let's dive right in! Here are the new shows and returning shows this week, April 18 to 24, 2016, for your perusing pleasure.

Monday April 18, 2016

12 Monkeys on Showcase (Season 2 Premiere)
This science fiction series is based on the film of the same name, deals with time travel, and it's shot in Toronto! All good things. I really wish I had kept on top of this series, especially now that it is headed into it's second season! Definitely one I want to catch up on. The first season is on shomi if you too, need to catch up on the action.

Tuesday April 19, 2016

The Night Manager on AMC (Miniseries)
Based on the John le Carré novel, this espionage miniseries stars Tom Hiddleston, Olivia Colman, Hugh Laurie, David Harewood, Neil Morrissey, and Tobias Menzies. I always keep my ear to the ground for adaptations, but I was sold at Olivia Colman. She's amazing. This one is a 6-parter, and I don't actually get AMC at the moment so I'm really hoping they air it online, or have it available on Google Play. It looks fantastic!

Containment on The CW and also will air on Global (Series Premiere)
I'm always a sucker for outbreak/disaster shows, so I'm totally game for Containment which follows a quarantine after a mysterious epidemic breaks out. I remember hearing about this one back when the fall/winter shows were released, but barely saw anything after that which leads to the happy surprize that it will be airing on Global (it's home station is The CW). I am and also super excited to see that Claudia Black (Farscape, Pitch Black) is among the cast. I'll always check out anything she is in.

Thursday April 21, 2016

Alone on History.ca (Season 2 Premiere)
This survivalist reality show has one of my favourite new shows of 2015. The idea of being complete reliant on only your own abilities for survival against the wilderness, for an indeterminate amount of time, is something that a city girl like me has a hard time fathoming. I found it both harrowing and inspiring. It will be interesting to see how a second season will play out, especially if the new folks have seen the first season as a frame of reference. One thing I'm super excited about is that both men and women are competing this time around. I can't wait to watch this new season of Alone.

Sunday April 24, 2016

Game of Thrones on HBO Canada (Season 6 Premiere)
Who doesn't love Game of Thrones? This is true appointment television, so much so that I often avoid Facebook on Mondays and go as far to tape together the Entertainment Weekly articles to read after I watch the season. The show has been unbelievable strong through the seasons, and it's completely immersive world has truly changed the world of television. It is a treasure to watch. The snow has finally melted here, but I still find myself saying "Winter is Coming" whenever I think of the show.

Home to Win on HGTV Canada (Series Premiere)
This show features 20 HGTV folks (including Bryan Baeumler, Scott McGillivray, Sarah Richardson and Mike Holmes) who renovate a house that will be won by a Canadian. That sounds pretty cool to me. I wonder where in Canada the house is? Not to long before we find out!

If you love TV, you can also check out my Where to Watch TV Online in Canada Listing and hear me chat about TV Musings over at my YouTube Channel.

That's the shows for the week. What are you planning on checking out?

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