Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Happy Alien Day!

Wondering what makes today Alien day? The planet the crew of the Nostromo set down on was LV 426, and today is April 26, or 4-26. Bring on the aliens. Movies, that is. Real aliens can stay away!!!

I'm happy to have my Aliens Quadrilogy again. It was one of the very few (make that 2), things I realized I shouldn't have been in storage. Since I've had it back again, I have already watched Alien a few times so today I might watch Aliens. I think both Alien and Aliens are equally brilliant, but I enjoy Aliens more because I have awesome good memories of watching it with my family when I was a kid. I even remember drawing a version of the shake'n'bake colony structure for a contest at school where we were supposed to envision the future. I totally thought I had nailed it, but the person that won drew the Earth with people clasping hands circling the globe. I guess they didn't appreciate my depiction of grenade launchers and people living on sublevels on other planets. I wonder if the person who drew the happy hands picture will be watching Aliens today. I really hope so! With my luck they will probably we watching Alien Resurrection...

Any way you celebrate it, I hope you enjoy Alien Day!

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