The Move-Move!

Throughout the past month I've been moving in stages to my new place, but on the weekend the final piece landed with the arrival of my stuff that's been in storage.

When the movers arrived, I got my own page for "moving bingo" and every time a piece from storage was brought in I got to check off the called out number it represented. From 230 to 360, my boxes and dressers and bins and bags came in one (or two... or three) at a time. Little did they know that giving me a job to do made me a super happy camper. Thanks Jamie for getting this pic of me obviously happy with my checklist.

It was wild to see the things that I was anxiously awaiting, like dressers, to things I totally forgot I had like a very heavy, loud and powerful fan. There was even an item or two that I was quite certain I had already let go of. The move itself went really smoothly. I am so grateful for that, and for the fact that it was clear weather (for a February move? In Toronto? Unheard of). The movers were great, and I had a lot of great help from family including having Jamie at my side when I turned into super-weird moving day Shannon. I am also thankful to have had people helping sort what would stay, what would go, what had a new home and a few items actually got into the hands of new people via social media (thanks Karina!!). That was super cool, although also made me realize that I'm now in an older generation, as I don't feel in the know of what are new ways you can do things these days. But that's okay, because it all go sorted and I really am part of a generation that is older. Heck, I've been blogging for 10 years! That probably *is* a whole generation in it of itself.

The day continued to go smoothly, and we were able to place some key furniture and get all the boxes in one location but with all the kitchen ones pulled to the side (thanks Jamie!!). I don't have a big long unpacking plan, but I know I want to do kitchen first because it's stuff I will use right away. I find it amazing that even with everything in the apartment, it doesn't feel overly packed and I still have great comfy space to rest between working through boxes and such. Letting go of a lot of furniture really made a difference on that front.

Now that everything is here, it's tempting to have a free-for-all of randomly openings stuff (and I did peek in a few boxes), but generally I plan on taking it slow as I set things up. One reason is because I can only do so much at a time, and another is that there isn't actually any rush. Sure, I want to get stuff sorted, but I can take the time to do it.

I am still amazed that I'm finally at this point. It has taken so long, and I have had a lot of help along the way which I greatly appreciate. A big thank you to Phillips Moving and Storage for not only a very smooth move, but also for keeping my belongings safe and sound in storage. I'm going to slowly start going through stuff and setting up home, a step that I can't wait to get started on. If you want to watch the journey unfold, I've been posting a lot about it over at Instagram.

First to unpack will be The Kitchen!


Janet Miles said…
Looks like you are having a good time...kinda like Christmas all over again with finding treasures from the storage area. Good luck to you with the unpacking. Thanks for sharing your journey!

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