Spring TV 2016 ~ Where to Watch TV Shows Online In Canada

It's March already? How did that happens! Well, as it is March, it's time for the Spring TV Listing, which will include shows that begin in March, April and May 2016 as well as continuting shows. There is so much out there to enjoy!

I'm going to continue with the new format of New Series at the top, then Spring Premieres right after them. Because a lot of the Winter shows are still airing, I am going to keep them listed under new and premieres. Crazy thing about changing formats, sometimes you don't realize the trickle down effect until you hit the next post. After the super-new of Spring and the new-ish of Winter, we have the tired-and-true fall start shows that are still going will be under Continuing Series. Each of these lists are alphabetical, which hopefully will make it quick and easy to find the show you are looking for. The super easiest way is Ctrl+F gives you pop up box, type title of show, hit enter...you're set!

There are lots of reality shows in the Spring with Big Brother Canada Season 4, The Voice Season 10 (!) and Survivor with a new slew of Brains, Brawns and Beauty castaways. We also have new shows to try out with the political thriller The Family, the gritty scifi series Hunters, and the new Shondaland thriller The Catch. Speaking of catches, we also get not one but two fishing shows with The Deadliest Catch and the Canadian series Cold Water Cowboys. I do love the fishing shows. Fishing and SciFi. We all have our faves. If you are looking for an earlier in the year show that has already completed, check out the Winter 2016 listing here. If you are looking for thoughts on specific shows, I'm slowing coming back from my YouTube hiatus, and now has some TV vlogs up, you can check them out over at TV Musings section on my YouTube Channel.

This list will be updated as new shows become available at their legitimate Canadian Broadcasters websites including CBC, CTV and CTV2, Global, CityTV, Space, Showcase, Slice, HGTV Canada, MTV Canada, Food Network, Discovery and History.

New Series
Spring and Winter Premieres
Continuing Series

Can't find what you are looking for? Try the individual Canadian TV broadcasters websites video pages:

The mileage can vary on how many episodes and for how long they are available to watch online. A lot of stations only have one episode available for one week after broadcast, and other stations have up to 3 weeks of episodes available. There is often an exceptions for Canadian series (or co-pros) which may have their full season (or series) available. We have better transparency here, with both CTV and Global now indicate when new episodes will be available online and how long it will be available for, and CityTV has a red banner indicating if it is expiring soon. This is a huge help for us who watch shows online.

I love that so much TV is available to watch online or via apps, but not ever show is. When this happens, the I suggest looking for it in in iTunes, Google Play Store, the Playstation Store (if you have a Playstation) to see if you can buy it. Although it's not free, the big pay off when you buy is that there are no commercials, no expiry dates and you can re-watch to your heart's desire. Occasionally, a show will also air weekly episodes on Netflix, such as the new series Shadowhunters and returning series The 100.

* A few online viewing options do not have a specific page for watching a singular show, but rather a video player for watching any of their offerings. In those cases I've put the link to the broadcasters website, as opposed to the show. Then either select the show if it's displayed prominently, or click their video library, select your show, the season and then the episode.


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