Tuesday, November 03, 2015


I think it's pretty funny that when writing up my Morning Pages on Monday I wrote Tuesday. I am not sure how I thought it was Tuesday, I think maybe I confused the fact it was the 2nd as the 2nd day in the week which I think of as Tuesday. I am been often writing the wrong date for the MPs and then correcting it. Funny that.

After getting out to do some shopping I took a break to rest and caught up with some old Star Trek, and one I didn't remember very well: 1.14 Balance of Terror, which showed the first ever encounter with the Romulans. Hearing the news of the new Star Trek TV series that is coming in 2017 had got Star Trek on the mind and I guess I just couldn't shake it (and who would want to?). I'm curious about the new series, especially given that it will follow new characters and therefore isn't part of classic, Next Generation, or the reboot. New characters and mew stories works for me! Right now the info seems mostly about how it will be distributed through CBS All Access, something likely unavailable to us here in Canada. Hopefully it will air here in an easy way to watch, because if there is new Trek I'll certainly going to be watching it!

After Star Trek it was time to make dinner, and I went with one of my go to's: Green Curry with chicken, brocolli and peas. Yum! I don't think I'll ever get tired of this one. The sauce that PC makes for this is just great! Spicy, and very tasty. Of course just as I start putting stuff together, the cats came bounding into the kitchen thinking it was time for *their* dinner. They hung out for a while, but finally figured out that it wasn't their dinner time quite just yet.

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