Getting Some Gaming On

I've been itching to do some gaming, which is horrible timing given I just packed all my games away. Happily, I noticed a free demo available on the PS4 for Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. Although this looked vaguely familiar, I knew nothing about the game. After watching the trailer it had a bit of a vibe of Tomb Raider (adventure, ancient items, running away, lots of jumping and shooting) so I thought I would give it a go. And oh my, I had a hilariously good time ...even if it took me forever to do the first simple task it sets out for you. It's pretty violent and in a gun/shooting way so that might keep me out from finishing the demo but it was fun to try and figure it out and run and jump and... well... plummet to death. A lot.

Speaking of plummeting to death, I also tried the Trials Fusion demo which was a total blast! It's a driving game, but you are on a bike and end up spinning around and around a lot. At least I did when I played. And I fell off the track, sometimes into a new track, and one time I even got stuck *inside* the track. Good times. One of the simple routes I crashed 50 times before realizing I just wasn't going to make the next jump. The only drag with the demo is that when you start it, you have to do a tutorial ever time and although it doesn't take that long (and I often crash on the tutorial), it would be nice to go straight to the routes. I have a feeling I could play the demo over and over and be entertained for quite a while, but given that the game itself is one sale so I might just pick it up.

Trying the different games makes me realize how curious I am about the games out there. What types are available, what kinds of stories they follow and what the gameplay is like? The research I've done makes it feels like it's all in a different language. What is a platform game? What makes a puzzler a puzzler? How (or why?) do people describe games by how many hours played it was? Does that vary person to person? What's a cut scene? I'm also curious about characters. Are their games that you create your own character? Most games seem to follow a specific protagonist, would that be fun? Or is it more fun to pick from different types of characters? So many questions!

One of the reasons I'm trying some games is that I'd love to do gaming via live streaming. It is a lot of fun to watch live streams of people playing, but I often wish they would describe what they are doing and why. Perhaps they and their viewers all already know, but for me I'm just getting back into gaming and I have very limited experience console gaming so I'd love to hear the how and why along with seeing what a game looks like. For myself, I'm thinking it would be particularly fun to try games I know nothing about because it feels less intimidating and also because first reactions are always fun to see. Given that I like to try and figure things out, and I'm likely to figure stuff out by talking it out, it seems natural to share new gaming experiences. And since I know how to play almost none of the games out there, there are tons to choose from once I work up the nerve to do it. I have to figure out some tech stuff first including deciding which service to stream on. Until then, I will continue to fall off cliffs. In game, of course.


Jana B said…
You should play World of Warcraft with me!!!!

Anyway, gaming is great but seems hard to break into some of the higher level things. I've played WoW for years and still don't how how or where one gets into an arena or enters a competitive thingy (or what those are called.) I keep thinking I should google some of the Youtube videos of the serious gamers but just feel too overwhelmed.
Shannon said…
Jana!!! That's so cool that you are playing WoW!! I love that game and played it for years, but playing at the computer is hard for me which is why I'm exploring the console games. It's a very different experience, not being able to type is just... weird. I mean, I don't even understand how there are MMO's without ... typing!

The Arena and other PvP things in WoW are pretty crazy. It's something that I stayed away from for a long time but eventually decided to just jump in and see what happened. They can be really fast paced, but I decided to embrace that and just roll with it, follow the mob of players until I got a sense of how it worked. Eventually you could queue from the menus instead of going to a NPC. For me, I also had some guildies help me understand the rules. Arena was the hardest though, because it was so few people. I liked Warsong Gulch and AV back in the day. I bet they have totally new BGs now. Haha, now I want to PVP!!

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