Sunday, June 07, 2015

Suzie's Visit!

It's been almost 2 years since I've seen Suzie, so it was so exciting that she recently came for a visit. We started things off with Jamie, Suzie & I all heading up to Mandarin on Mother's Day as it was a tradition to do so with our Mom. It was really nice to spend that day the three of us together. As Suzie is known as Suzie the Foodie, there were definitely a fair share of foodie adventures. We went out for coffee and she got the awesomeness of Alfajores (I went with lemon poppyseed loaf), we each shared and oh my the Alfajores were so good! Totally melted into yummy goodness. All three of use went for High Tea with our Auntie Laima. What a huge treat. So much fun, so many giggle and fun hats to boot.

One of the things Jamie, Suzie & I do regularly is talk about our creativity over at stART: Creating As We Go. We are all taking Carla Sonheim and Lynn Whipple's class Year of the Spark, and while she was visiting we all got to do Art Day together! It was soooooo much fun. We all had totally different colours and results with the same lesson. It is so much fun to do art in the same room and share what's working and helping each other get through any challenges we face. And taking lots of pictures, of course.

We also had lots of gaming fun, something I wouldn't have necessarily expected! We played Elder Signs... or what is Scrolls? I think it was signs. A great board game, although it doesn't really have a board because you create along the way. Everyone got to randomly pick an adventurer and then we tried to defeat the...hmmm.. the something. Hah. I guess I don't remember the mechanics of the game too much, but I had a great time playing. I was a doctor and could heal folks but I usually had to heal myself as I kept rolling bad rolls. Ah, well! Still, it was major fun times. Jamie, Suzie & I also had a blast getting our groove on with Just Dance 2015 and I introduced Suzie to the PS4 game Life is Strange. We just did the demo, but it is a fascinating game and way more absorbing than I expected.

It was nice to also spend a lot of relax time together, especially to recover from all the activity which is way more than I am used to. We wouldn't be our family is we didn't watch some movies while we were together. Suzie brought and shared Kiki's Delivery Service which was so much fun, and seriously how had I not see this one before? It's about a witch who sets off on her own with her cat to make her place in the world. It's so cute. And I probably avoided it because Miyazaki's Spirited Away FREAKED me out. I also got to share a film too, and we watched Pitch Perfect all together. I was really happy that Jamie was already up for re-watching as I has also shared it with her recently too. I love that movie so much! Can't wait to see Part 2.

Suzie also introduced me to iZombie, a new show on The CW (and you can watch it on shomi). It's funny, because I meant to checked this one out when it started, but never ended up watching it. So I jumped in to the recent episode and Suzie filled me in with the back story and who's who and how it all worked. It got me nostalgic for our TV chatting that we used to do on Hexed, or even going farther back to when I started watched Buffy in Season 5 and Suzie always helped me out when I was confused about the show. Which was often. It's wild to have a such a history of TV watching together!

It was all over too fast! It was such a great time of sisterly fun. I loved seeing Suzie teaching Jamie awesome photography techniques, and hanging out in the back yard looking at the flowers. I had a blast and it was great to be all together. From doing art together to watching movies, to having lots of tea and great conversations. What a great visit.

Miss you already Suzie!

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