Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Goodbye to Gobo (1999-2015)

I am truly saddened that recently it was time to say goodbye to my cat Gobo. When I got him he was the second-to-the-runt of a litter, a very cute and excitable kitten that was adventurous and got into everything. 16 years later, he was still getting into everything. Until one day he wasn't. After a few trips to the vet it was clear something major had happened, and he continued to decline until it was time to say goodbye.

Although that memory is the one freshest in my mind, and is the most sad, it certainly isn't the bulk of the wonderful memories that I have of him. Memories of him greeting me when I got home, sitting on me when I watched movies and read oodles of books, purring like a mad, sleeping in the crook of my knees and randomly guest appearing on videos I filmed.

He was also super friendly to everyone he met, which made him not the best guard-cat but he was great with company. He was with me through 8 apartments, from a tiny 1-room to a huge third floor space, and he seemed just as happy in one as the other. He was very laid back that way. In every way.

I feel like I probably won't miss him knocking things over every night at 3AM, chewing my hair as I sleep, changing the time on my clock radio or needing to clean the litter, but I know I will miss these things because they were a part of my life for so long. I wish there is more than I could think to say, but I'm still so sad. I caught myself yesterday looking for him sleeping to be on the bed in his spot. And he wasn't there, as he won't ever be again. He was my first cat. And he was *my* cat.

Since I started this blog, it became a tradition to end update posts with a picture of him. I'll have to figure out what to do differently from here on in, but for today let's stick with tradition.

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