Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Time Capsule: January 2015

Welcome to 2015! New year, and I'm returning to doing time capsules because I love doing time capsules! I did a few last year, but would love to keep this practice up throughout 2015 as it gives such a sense of time and is a great way to share. Whether it's something on my mind, a book on my nightstand or sight and sound transmitting through the airwaves, this is what I'm engaged with this month. Feel free to play along!

1. What are you reading?
I'm reading a few things at the moment: Black Beauty by Anna Sewell for the 2015 Book to Film Challenge (more details to follow!) and The Sign of the Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I'm also reading Christopher's Diary: Secrets of Foxworth by VC Andrews (in name only, as it's a recent book) which is supposed to be Flowers in the Attic from Christopher's perspective, but so far it's actually more of a reaction to someone reading his diary. I'm a fair way in and still waiting for it to quite get to the point of the Attic.

2. What are you watching?
So many new shows are starting, but the only one I've caught so far is Galavant which is a period musical comedy. And it's just that. A forlorn/disgraced fighter type, an oddly goofy king, a potential quest for love and vengeance and of course... a jester. I'm finding it oddly entertaining. On a totally different note, I'm re-watching Broadchurch Season 1 to get revved up for the Season 2 premiere which airs on January 11, 2015. After watching Gracepoint the two shows and their characters kind of merged in my brain and I need to get them separated from each other.

3. What are you listening to?
I've been loving all the sales at the Google Play store and got a bunch of stuff. I've been particularly taken with the Hozier album even though I didn't take to the big song Take Me To Church right away, but after seeing him perform on The Voice I was very impressed and then watching the video I saw the song from a completely different level (you can see him discuss the song and video here). The rest of the album is great too, moody and dark but not exclusively so. One of my favourites is Someone New which has a beautiful sweetness to it. I definitely want to listen to more Canadian music this year, and I was inspired to buy Shawn Mendes EP after seeing him on TV for the New Years Eve celebration and he was really good (and I love the video for Life of the Party). I'm also enjoying Gordon Lightfoot's Gord's Gold best of collection. Because seriously... I know and love a lot of the songs, so why not enjoy more?

4. What are you playing?
This is a new category to the time capsule, as I can feel that gaming will be a nice break for me these days and I want to make good use of my PS4. I'm currently playing Destiny, although I still barely have any understanding of the game beyond shoot stuff (getting better at), follow ghost's instructions, and when in doubt go to town to get a quest-type-thing. Although I'm not totally new to gaming, it's my first console game since the Sonic the Hedgehog days and it's my first first person shooter ever. I die...a lot. Aiming is hard. I like to punch things, that's much simpler and you can get much closer. Thank goodness I made a tank character. I'm also loving the game The Unfinished starts off all white and you throw paint to reveal the world and navigate through. Loving it!

5. What are you loving?
I'm loving being cozy warm when it's cold outside! We've had it mild a lot of this winter so far, but it feels that like ship has sailed.

6. What are you creating?
I'm still working on my cabled afghan (which I would love to finish) and I'm also working on my vision cards for 2015.

7. What's are you thinking about?
Words are on my mind a lot. What words mean, defining them, collecting them to define them. I bought a word a day calendar, but so far those words have either been ones I already know or words I don't think I'll ever use. I have to keep my ear to the ground for words that are somewhere in between.

8. What are you looking forward to?
I'm looking forward to 2015! I have a feeling it's going to be an awesome year.

9. What's the theme of today, today?
The theme is catching up and getting current! I'm really hoping to tie a bow on the last of my 2014-things to feel fulling in this year.

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Suzie Ridler said...

Wow Shannon, you are doing a lot of cool stuff! I love that words have really entered your life on many different levels. They are so much fun. And no, you are not alone, we laughed our butts off while watching Galavant. I hope you get that afghan done soon so you can use it to keep you nice and cozy and warm. And yay to making tanks! They're great first characters.

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