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ST:TNG 6.26 Descent ~ Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch

The Borg (and more) are up to trouble in the Season 6 cliffhanger of 6.26 Descent.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch continues with ...

Descent (Part I)
Season 6, Episode 26

Descent into what you say? Could it be darkness? Could be! This is the one where Data feels his first emotion: anger. This happens when he killed a Borg that was attacking him. He later also admits to feeling pleasure when the Borg he killed, died. Very concerning. All of this is wrapped up with a Borg bow when they have attacked a Federation outpost and then the away team when they come to investigate. The Borg are acting very differently, having names instead of designations and being concerned for fellow Borg members. It's been a while since we've seen the Borg, and Picard gets a big talking too from an admiral who chastises him for not planting the program to destroy the Borg in 5.23 I, Borg. We also see a familiar face at the end of the episode when Lore shows up, we've not seen him since 4.03 Brothers where he implants himself with an emotion chip meant for Data and then disappears.

As a rewatch, it's not as engaging of an episode because very quickly I knew which one it was and in particular what the cliffhanger would be. Also, a lot of the mystery of what is going on with the Borg and how they travel by transwarp conduit systems is something that I also remembered, so I'm just waiting for them to figure it out. There are also a few unbelievable moments like Picard talking so frankly about their plan with the Borg in the room, and then a scene with security personnel in the room when the Borg convinces Data to basically do bad things, yet we never see that he's picking up on this. I know it's a TV thing where you pretend other people can't hear the conversation that's clearly in the room, but it makes it less believable. Also seeing Geordi sit where Troi usually does and have access to Engineering info from the console was kind of bizarre.

What I did find interesting on the rewatch was the character development, especially with Data trying to reconcile his first experience with emotion. There are some great scenes with Geordi and with Troi, where Data tries to makes sense of what is going on. We also get to see Beverly left in charge of The Enterprise when they plan for extensive searches on the planet Data and a Borg landed on. That was really cool, I remember being very suprized and impressed by this one first watching and I look forward to this moment when it pops up in rewatching as well. I also enjoyed seeing them on a planet that feels very old school Trek with a brightly colour sky and familiar yet slightly different terrain as oh-so many other planets.

As with The Next Generation tradition for several seasons now, we are left with a cliffhanger. Will the sons of Soong destroy The Federation? It's on to Season 7 to find out!

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I didn't keep up on "Next Generation" but a lot of Star Trek took on "Social and Human issues"

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