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ST:TNG 6.25 Timescape ~ Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch

Pockets of time gets The Enterprise in a bind in 6.25 Timescape.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch continues with ...

Season 6, Episode 25

I knew which episode this was almost instantly. I was just waiting to see the bowl of fruit on the table as confirmation that this was the one where there are pockets of space time that are moving at different speeds. I love this episode. There is so much mystery and it's quite eerie, but not so much that it's too scary for me. That's probably exactly why I love it! We also get to see a few breaks in character as Picard gets giggly with a space-time version of decompression sickness, Troi is the authority of the technical aspects of Romulan ships, and Data's linear thinking is very limiting to coming up with solutions. Plus, we even find out that Riker doesn't get along with cats and get to see both Troi and Picard do impersonations!

The episode splits the cast up, putting Troi, Picard, Geordi and Data together and coming back from a conference via Runabout. They come across moments where time freezes, and determine there are oddities with the space time continuum all around them. The Enterprise is not at the rendezvous point, and when they do get to the ship it and a Romulan ship are frozen in time and appear to be engaged in battle.

I will admit I was shocked the first time I watched this episode as we see The Enterprise blow up and then it goes to commercial. When the show returns, time moves backwards and then stops again with The Enterprise in one piece but frozen again. I think it was the first time I realized they weren't going to ever blow up the ship on the show, and felt a bit annoyed. Now when I watch things I know in general a move that big isn't going to happen, so I don't get as drawn in. I don't actually think that's a good thing but it is a true thing.

One of the things I love about this one is all of the false assumptions made by viewing the frozen in time Enterprise. Initially it looks like a Romulan attack, but in fact it's an evacuation and the Romulans on the ship are helping the Enterprise crew. It's funny how well I remember the episode, but I totally forgot how this phenomena happened or what happened at the end of the episode. I guess that's because it's a creative fix and everything goes back to normal. I really thought that the Romulans were up to something, but it was aliens taking over their bodies who had young growing in the Romulans warp-core equivalent. That part I totally forgot. Ah, well, At least I enjoyed it...one more time!

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