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ST:TNG 6.24 Second Chances ~ Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch

Another Riker appears in 6.24 Second Chances.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch continues with ...

Second Chances
Season 6, Episode 24

Ah, the double Riker one! Season 6 is just full of Riker goodness. In this episode we have The Enterprise going to a location where Riker was 8 years ago and led an evacuation but was inaccessible until now. When they beam down, they find Riker...a second there. Somehow due to a transporter malfunction/oddity of the area he was materialized in 2 places at the same time.

I'm a fan of Riker, so this one is a joy to watch. It is also really fascinating to watch from a character perspective. What about each of them is the same, and what has changed? How does being alone for 8 years change someone? Do they have the same motivations, ideas, desires? And the newly discovered Riker was trapped and alone from so far back that it was before he was on The Enterprise and was still involved with Troi. Seeing how they approach their relationship, and if they could have or even want a relationship, is a compelling storyline.

I enjoy this episode a lot more seeing it now as rewatch, I remember being very disappointed with it when it first came out as it's placement in Season 6 is absolutely horrible. Here we have a second Riker appear through a transporter malfunction, and it comes right on the heels of 6.23 Rightful Heir where Kahless was cloned from blood that was fifteen centuries old. So, we have two episodes about doubles back-to-back. And they are true doubles, no These are pretty far fetched stories on their own, but to have them right after each other it's makes you do a double take (pun intended!).

One of the reason I love doing this rewatch is because I can see this episode on it's on merit and enjoy the things I enjoy, like the new Riker court Troi through a scavenger hunt or seeing Riker being challenged by his own personality which is easy going to others but not between his two selves. There is also a great scene with tons of tension between the two Rikers during a very telling, poker game which has Worf and Data as innocent bystanders.

I find the idea of this episode both fascinating and scary. And it's wild that when it ends there still are two of them, although the newly found Riker will go by the name Thomas and decides to leave The Enterprise to go on assignment elsewhere. Poor Riker, he's really been but through the ringer this season. Whether it's being abducted or coming across himself, this has been a very complicated time for him.

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