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Beverly gets to put her Sherlock Holmes cap on in 6.22 Suspicions.

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Season 6, Episode 22

It took me a bit to place this episode, where we have Beverly playing host to a small group of scientists who gather to see a Ferengi scientists metaphasic shield which theoretically can withstand entering a star. The scientist gathered are Vulcan, human, Klingon and Takaran (first and only Trek appearance). Jo'Bril, the Takaran, offers to do a test flight but radiation levels increase and he appears to die. And then the Ferengi scientist appears to commit suicide. Beverly feels something is amiss, but can't look into it more as Jo'Bril's physiology is so foreign there is no conclusive information and the Ferengi body isn't to be autopsied as per family request (which she does anyway, which is inconclusive, and that gets her in trouble).

This episode has what I call the 3/4 start structure. We start most of the way though the action, have it told to us retrospectively and then we get new developments to finish off the story. I'm not a fan of this kind of storytelling, as the drama-punch start either feels like it kills the power of reveals or it's quashed by everything returning to normal. Here we have it as to make it a dramatic start of Beverly headed for a court martial and being relieved of duty as Chief Medical Officer, but as that's all reversed by the end of the episode and therefore feels like false pretenses. The storytelling of what happened is doing through Beverly relaying it to Guinan, who is faking having Tennis Elbow in a rouse to get Beverly not to give up on herself. I do love seeing Guinan and hearing her wisdom, so I was happy that we get that here.

Overall, I wish I liked this episode more. It just didn't fly for me. Even though I only half remembering the story of Jo'Bril being actual saboteur, and murderer of the Ferengi scientist and he put himself in some kind of status to cover it all up, I still didn't find too much of interest as a rewatch. I kept seeing red flags go up. Why was Beverly hosting a scientist get together on shield technology? Why wasn't Geordi involved? How come no one else thought that there could be something else going on, and just rely on ...Worfs determination that the Ferengi committed suicide? Seriously? That's a security call, not a medical call? And why wasn't Troi involved, either with the other scientists or with Beverly? And we are suppose to believe Beverly could override security measures and pilot a shuttlecraft into a stars corona? And elude a tractor beam? I'm not buying it. Many of the roles felt off in this one. I'm not against the characters doing something different, but it has to make some kind of sense and it didn't feel that way here.

Clearly this isn't one of my faves, and I didn't recognize which one it was from the title or the picture which says a lot. But, another episode down! Woohoo!

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