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The Chase
Season 6, Episode 20

Now we have the scavenger hunt episode! This one has Picard being visited by his old archeology professor who asks him to come on an adventure of a lifetime. Picard turns him down, but then the professor is attacked and killed so Picard ends up working to figure out the mystery in one episode instead of the 3+ months it would have taken otherwise.

Like 6.19 Lessons, this is another one that I feel like I should like it more than I do. While it's not often we see someone taking Picard to task like the professor does (and even calling him Mr. Picard), but I just didn't him telling Picard what he should or should have done with his life. That really bothers me, not only of someone saying this to Picard, but also in general. People should get to decide what they want to do, and shouldn't be pushed around like that. I also sometimes get this one mixed up with other episodes that are conspiracy-like or cat-and-mouse games. Oddly, my absolute favourite moment of this episode was Riker scolding Worf after he retaliates on the ship firing on the professor, and completely obliterates the enemy ship. It's just one moment, but it was really funny. And that sounds really heartless of me, but I was looking for the fun in this one anywhere I could find it!

One a grander scale, this episode left me questioning the show a bit as it takes quite a stand by saying all humanoids were modeled on this one ancient race who added a puzzle piece to the DNA of each species as they were in the goo-stage. I was also left wondering if the creatures at the end were supposed to be The Founders from Deep Space Nine. I did love how very differently each reaction was from the people who get to listen to the message of the aliens, The Federation takes it as how they work anyway (working together for the win!), The Klingons who think it's a total waste of time and The Romulans who quietly reach out to Picard after the fact to say maybe someday it can be this way. I loved the sentiment of working together would bring people together, and the perspective of what makes life interesting/worthwhile is not being alone. So in the end, there was a fair amount to enjoy here even if it's not one of my faves.

Another episode down! I kind of cheated and didn't work on my knitting for this one. But...I'm still watching and that's the key!


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