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It's time to clean up The Enterprise with a baryon sweep in 6.18 Starship Mine.

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Starship Mine
Season 6, Episode 18

This episode is a lot of fun, it was a great one to come back to watching the series as it's Picard-focused and that always works for me. I remember this one as the "baryon sweep" one. The crew leaves the ship and attends a talk by someone who is a "master of smalltalk" and everyone would rather avoid (save Data, who gets along with him like a house on fire), but when Picard hears the planet has horses he goes back to the ship to get his saddle and becomes stranded with raiders collecting dangerous materials on the ship. I didn't realize it was the same episode were Data gets on famously with the small-talk guy and they really sound like they could talk to each other for hours, and serves up some great comedy in otherwise pretty dark episode. So dark that on the planet it gets pretty serious and the small-talk guy actually is killed by the raiders. That's pretty heavy.

There is lots of action and cloak and dagger-y stuff on the ship including Picard pretending to be Mott, the barber (I guess these thieves didn't read personnel files). Picard also throws a saddle at Tim Russ (who plays Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager), creates a distraction and explosion to get away from his captors, scurries through Jeffries tubes and a lot of other fun stuff.

What I was most impressed by was that Picard both out smarts and out strengths his opponents. He also uses a combination of passive and aggressive attacks. From cutting rungs on a ladder so they have alter their route, using chemistry to create a flash of something to distract them, and of course he raids Worf's quarters to get weapons that he an use without creating a reaction to the chemical/science-y stuff in the air.

Overall, this is a great episode. The only thing I don't like is the title. Starship Mine doesn't really say anything to me, other than it could be a play on that the Starship is Picard's, like someone grabbing a toy and saying MINE! Maybe this time the title will stick with me, althught traditionally I tend to think this one is the episode that the Ferengi mind-control Picard into thinking he's on his old ship. But that would be 1.09 The Battle. How far we've come since then!

Above Images Source: TrekCore


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