Monday, November 24, 2014

When Do The Holidays Begin? Or...Am I Already Late to the Game?

I watched Elf on TV yesterday, today the grocery story had clementines and I've been seeing decorations of green and red since Halloween.  Plus, we've already had our first snow. But my question is... is this too early, or am I late to the game?

I'll admit that I've turned on the twinkie lights already for their awesome blue glow, but to be honest I didn't take them down last year. I've started baking but for birthday goodness, and have on my to do list to start planning for the holidays. But it feels like they are already upon us! So, when is the time to start getting all holiday'd up?

I have lots of holiday rituals from making cookies to watching certain movies. When to wrap stuff and what to cook. I never remember how early you need to put stuff in the mail, but thankfully Amazon can often do that thinking for me.

But this year I feel totally out of whack, because I want to throw tinsel around and pound out Winter Wonderland on the piano and it's only November. November! Now, my family has a huge proportion of birthdays November through January, so they usually serve as bookends for when the holidays start and sum up. But I really feel like starting them now. And, well, I really want to start using my new holiday mug.

So, when do they start for you? What are your holiday traditions? Do you ever change them?


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Over the years, I've learned to just go with that early holiday feeling. I remember one year I tried to "hold back" until it felt more appropriate but then I didn't feel like holidays then and missed the whole spirit that year!

And I know at home we always waited until my birthday, so that gives you two weeks of holiday season before Christmas but when Justin and I have tried that it didn't seem enough!

I think it's time to pull out the mug! Besides when it's as cute as that you want as many days with it as possible!


Suzie Ridler said...

Winter Wonderland! Oh I would love to hear you play that Shannon!

I get the holiday spirit so rarely so when it happens, let it be and have fun with it.

And it's never too late to celebrate!

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