Self Portrait: Impromptu

I can feel myself enjoying getting into blogging again, although one of the challenges is what to blog about. Not in the sense of having nothing to say or nothing to share, but rather where to start. In the past what I've done is set a schedule or create a structure, but I know that right now that method isn't serving me well. That throws a lot of my blogging (and vlogging) habits out the window, as I love doing things on certain days or the week, or weekly, monthly, yearly things.

Not relying on a structure started to block me, so I looked back through my blog for inspiration and remembered one of the first things I ever participated in: Self Portrait Challenge. The group doesn't appear to exist anymore, but given that it was a Tuesday thing and today is Tuesday, if felt serendipitous to post a self portrait today.

I like having self portraits on my blog, even if I don't love the pictures. I think it's something that we see so differently at the the time, then looking back at the pictures . Because at the time, we are just us. This is me, right now. Literally. I took the minute before I started the post. I don't love it, although I do like it the best of the five pictures I took. It's grainy, I wearing my glasses, neither are things that I love but I felt like going impromptu to there it is. And honestly this what I look like these days, especially when I blog.

Now, if I want to look different, I can. I can put in my contacts (or just take off my glasses), put on makeup or change what I'm wearing or the setting. All of that is possible to do, but today I felt like being impromptu so I went with it. That seems to go nicely with the not scheduling thing. Who knew the things could work together?


Suzie Ridler said…
Shannon, as your sister, I know this is HUGE for you! Both the non-method and the impromptu-ness of the photo, which I love BTW but I must admit, I adore all photos of you.

I loved doing the self-portrait Tuesday thing too! I totally forgot it was on a Tuesday but I adored doing it too. A great way to get inspired, look back at past fun blogging projects.
Shannon said…
Awww, thank you Suzie! I'm glad you like the photo. I really enjoy going back and looking at the self portraits, so much of it that you can see with distance that isn't as clear in the moment.

I am totally committed to not committing to things, but on occasion I will probably continue these. ;)

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