Looking Back at TV from Fall 2013 - Summer 2014

This week Fall TV officially explodes. I noted 18 shows I track either coming back with new series and new series have their premieres. Before I get swept away by this season of TV, I wanted to look back at the past year of TV at the shows I enjoyed watching. Last year I started tracking and rating all the shows I watch, and that was super handy in for this exercise as I what I enjoy, because that is the data I used to come up with these numbers. I entered everything into Excel, and then came up with the average for each shows.

Please note that I rate out of ten based on enjoyment, which is not necessarily the same and quality. Although the two can easily co-exist, it's not what I look for in a TV show. Many lists are of favourite shows, best shows, etc but for me I go by enjoyment. I want to enjoy a show. That's the determining factor I use for TV I watch.

Now on to the lists!  I gave a Top 10 for the Fall through Winter shows (anything that started in one calender year, and went to the next), and then a Top 5 for Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer shows. We have so many seasons of TV these days. 

Fall 2013 - Winter 2014 Shows *
  1. Dracula ~ 9.57
  2. Reign ~ 9.07
  3. The Originals ~ 8.97
  4. Arrow Season 2 ~ 8.92
  5. Shipping Wars Season 5 ~ 8.86
  6. Nashville Season 2 ~ 8.75
  7. Almost Human ~ 8.70
  8. Atlantis ~ 8.67
  9. Grimm Season 3 ~ 8.27
  10. Ravenswood ~ 8.17

Fall (Only) 2013 Shows
  1. Face Off Season 5 (Vets vs Newcomers) ~ 9.40
  2. Witches of East End ~ 9.20
  3. Cracked Season 2 ~ 9.00
  4. Ghost Mine Season 2 ~ 8.75
  5. The Voice Season 5 ~ 8.73

Winter 2014 Shows
  1. Star-Crossed ~ 8.85
  2. Teen Wolf Season 3 Part 2 ~ 8.67
  3. Arctic Air Season 3 ~ 8.45
  4. Masterchef Canada ~ 8.42
  5. Face Off Season 6 ~ 8.27

Spring 2014 Shows
Three Way Tie for First Place!
  • 1. Vikings Season 2 ~ 9.00 
  • 1. Cold Water Cowboys ~ 9.00
  • 1. Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge ~ 9.00
  • 4. Big Brother Canada Season 2 ~ 8.63
  • 5. Hannibal Season 2 ~ 8.31

Summer 2014 Shows
  1. Food Network Star Season 10 ~ 9.71
  2. The Quest ~ 9.50
  3. Longmire Season 3 ~ 9.29
  4. Deadliest Catch The Bait ~ 9.25
  5. Deadliest Catch Season 10 ~ 9.00
  6. 19-2 ~ 8.86

Summer is not totally accurate, as some really high placing shows on my list haven't quite finished so I didn't feel I could include them.  And 19-2 aired earlier than summer, but this is when I watched it.  And I put both Deadliest Catch and The Bait in making the list go to 6. But that was the best I could do for the time of publishing!

I know I watch a lot of TV, and I'm mostly okay with that, but I don't want it to take up all of my time. That being said, looking at these numbers I see that I enjoy these shows a lot. So, will I be more choosy this year on deciding what to watch? Or will I keep watching it all? Only time will tell!

What were your favourite shows of last year?


Suzie Ridler said…
It really shows that not a lot of shows fell short for you Shannon! My favourite show of last season was Sleepy Hollow. I wish I could have followed with you with Deadliest Catch but for some reason I kept recording snow on that channel! Love that there are so many supernatural shows you are still enjoying.
Shannon said…
It's true, not that many fell short for me! I didn't realized how much I loved the ones I loved until I saw how high some of the ratings are. Now, this probably only represents a third of what I watched, but a lot of the other shows did pretty well too.

I'm sorry you couldn't watch Deadliest Catch, why on earth did it record snow? That's getting meta given they had some big storms. Maybe next summer (I'm hoping it will be renewed yet again).

Sleepy Hollow rated 18th for me with a 7.75, which is still pretty high overall. I found I loved it at the start, but then not as much where it left off. I really hope it hooks me again this year though, when I loved it I REALLY loved it.

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