Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ode to My First Cell Phone

It's been just over 3 years since I got my first cell phone and took the picture above. It started with a joke I said that the next time I moved I would go from landline to cell phone only, and low and behold just after that statement I found out I was moving. My phone saw me through that move. And the next move. And yet another move.

I took it to WDS back in 2012, even though I couldn't use it. It's been in my pocket every time I've gone out. I've dropped it. A lot. And it survived each and every time! It lasted through countless phone calls, be they mere moments or hours upon hours. For several months I was even able to record Hexed on it during my lunch hour. That was one of it's finest moments.

Although the photos it took here blurry, it kept me in touch with the world when I was out and about or when my internet was out. I didn't think I'd take to texting, but I did. For fun. Not to say I was running late. I rarely got service in places where I could send that message anyway!

It's a phone that no one seems to have heard or seen before, but I picked it because I loved the slide out keyboard. It had an actual keyboard where you press the keys. I loved that, and it was one of the big resists in changing to a new phone. I'm such a hold out.

It's been over 3 years since I took that dark and blurry picture at the top of this post. One of the last things I did with my phone was download all the pictures. Looking through that camera roll was a wild ride through the last 3 years: seeing where I've been, the cats in my old neighborhood, random moments, subway posters, coffee shop journalling, dinners made, going to the CNE in 2013, holidays and of course lots of pictures of my cat.

It could barely handle any apps. Even when it was shiny and new, there was almost nothing compatible. Of the few that were compatible, most of them barely worked. I did discovered last December the Blogger app was amazing. But the read stand out was IMDb which always worked like a charm, and the news feed keep me entertained through lots of times in waiting rooms.

It survived being dropped in a full mug of tea, it burned through 3 batteries with it over the years and a few times only worked when it was plugged in. But it also saw me through countless situations and kept me connected (save the 2 blackouts).

It certainly isn't the most popular phone, not now and not even three years ago, but it served me well over the years. And the only other time I have ever seen it was last week I happened to sit beside someone on the subway who had the same exact phone. I wonder if he'll be saying his own ode soon too.

Thank you phone! I put you through the ringer, and you did your best. I'll miss your tactile keyboard, sonar ping and trusty resilience.

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