Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Summer TV 2014 ~ TV Show Listing for Watching TV Online in Canada

June is here and summer is in the air. For the times we aren't enjoying the summer sun and evening breezes, we can enjoy what summer TV offerings this year. Usually I only list the shows I'm watching, but I'm feeling a little less restrictive on that at the moment so I've listed more shows than I'm planning on watching and I'll leave it open to you on decided on what you feel like watching.

I'm still very excited for there are still many shows I'm looking forward to including the return of Teen Wolf, The Amazing Race Canada, The Witches of East End along with new shows Extant, Reckless and The Quest. Of course there are also returning reality faves of Deadliest Catch (Season 10!), Big Brother and So You Think You Can Dance.

If you enjoy watching YouTube, I do doing monthly previews over at my YouTube channel and the June editions of New Shows and Returning Show videos and keep an eye on my TV Musings Playlist for more videos throughout the summer.

This list will be updated as new shows become available at their legitimate Canadian Broadcasters websites including CBC, CTV, Global, CityTV, Space, Showcase, Slice and Food Network (See larger list of channels after day-by-day listing).

Can't find what you are looking for? Try the individual Canadian TV broadcasters websites video pages:

For online-only viewers, the new norm for shows is to be only available for 1 week starting the day after they air, unless you have a cable subscription and can log into the TV station website. The exception to the rule is Canadian shows on specialty channels, which often have the entire season/series available online. Keep an eye on the shows you enjoy and plan your viewing accordingly :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* A few online viewing options do not have a specific page for watching a singular show, but rather a video player for watching any of their offerings. In those cases I've put the link to the broadcasters website, as opposed to the show. Then either select the show if it's displayed prominently, or click their video library, select your show, the season and then the episode.

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