One Sentence Saturday - Your Day: Kickin' It Old Skool Day #7

Today is Day #7 the Kickin' It Old Skool Blog-a-thon and our prompt is capture our day in one sentence.  Mine is: 

 Today is going to be awesome.

This December Jamie and I are bringing the fun back to blogging with old skool prompts every day! Join us here to get in on the fun of the Kickin' It Old Skool Blog-a-thon!

 photo STTNG519TheFirstDuty8_zps5b015c6a.jpg


Kelly said…
Awesome! :D
Heather Luxion said…
Digging the pink and gray shirt!
Tery Lynne said…
Love and love the Pink!
ENJOY your day Shannon!
Sherry Smyth said…
Power sentence, powerful statement! If that's what you're wearing...I think you're right!
Fran said…
Awesome is such a powerful word. Enjoy your awesome day.
Deborah Weber said…
Pink and gray makes everything awesome. Hope your day was exponentially awesome.
positive positive positive!

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