De-Selfie: Kickin' It Old Skool Day 1

It's Day 1 of the Kickin' It Old Skool Blog-a-thon and what is more Old Skool than a self portrait?

I've taken a lot of pictures since I've started blogging, but in recent years I've taken fewer and fewer pictures of myself, so I was excited about this opportunity to get back to the practice of the self portrait. I thought about what I wanted to look like, what background to use (1 colour, many colours, no colour?), to smile or not to smile, what vibe I wanted to portray (happy, thoughtful, wistful, forlorn?), location, preparation, etc.

Of course when I sit down and looked at the pics, the one that wanted to be the selfie just popped out at me. And that was this one here. I just love how the colours and angles seemed to work out just right. It's not one of the ones I planned out in my head, but I happened to have my camera on me and was in a Self Portrait mood and voila! The moment happened.

This December Jamie and I are bringing the fun back to blogging with old skool prompts every day! Join us here to get in on the fun of the Kickin' It Old Skool Blog-a-thon!

 photo STTNG519TheFirstDuty8_zps5b015c6a.jpg


Cynthia Lee said…
thank you so much for hosting this with Jamie. I have been needing to just let go, play, have fun. So much soul searching has created a heavy weight around me.

I love this how selfie's capture mood and spirit ... your's is wonderful!
Joyfully Donna said…
Love this selfie - this is so much fun and I'm enjoying visiting everyone's blogs.
THANKS for hosting along with Jamie! LOVE this selfie of you Shannon!
THANKS for sharing!
I agree with Cynthia! With everything else I've committed to this month I too just need to have a bit of fun. Thank you for hosting!

wonderful picture!

Heather Luxion said…
Thanks for co-hosting this awesome month-long project, Shannon! Nice to "meet" you, Jamie, and all the other awesome bloggers through this start to it.

Helen said…
Thank you for co-hosting this blog-a-thon, Shannon. I'm looking forward to the fun!
Sarah Broadfoot said…
What a great idea for our first prompt. I'm having a gay old time bopping around the net "meeting" all of the participants. A big thank you to you and Jamie for being the instigators of this fun and frivolity.
I totally LOVE this selfie, Shannon. It makes me smile. Yep, I wanted to keep writing more but I keep coming back to wow, that makes me smile.

I guess I just love seeing you :)
Diana Bukowski said…
Thank you for hosting! Love this selfie of you!
Anonymous said…
Loving that blue light above your head for sure! I find if I don't turn the camera around on me, then I am absent from a lot of stuff that happens. Or I just had the camera off to one of my family members and say, "hey take my picture" LOL
James Higgins said…
great pic chick
Suzie Ridler said…
Shannon, that photo is so YOU! Not just literally. I recognize that smile and expression so well, you have had it all your life and the perspective is so cool too. I'm always so happy to see you!
Deborah Weber said…
What a wonderful selfie! And it's always fun when one of bunch steps forward and says "pick me." Thanks for co-hosting this party - I'm looking forward to a month of fun.
Kelly said…
Thank you, Shannon! And so nice to meet you! This will be fun!
I'm so excited to be doing this with both of you! Love the picture!
Sherry Smyth said…
That's the true beauty of self portraits...we can think ahead to what we want to create but when we see "the" photo we know "yes, I've captured exactly who I feel like in this one"! Great shot Shannon!
Dara said…
Yes! Thank you for Hosting..what a great start & a great selfie!
Steph Snider said…
I am playing as well. Nice to meet you!
Shannon said…
Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments! I can see I indeed pick the right pic :)

I am having so much fun already! The month is going to be awesome - woohoo!
Hi Shannon :)

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