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ST:TNG 6.16 Birthright (Part I) ~ Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch

Data beings to dream and Wolf goes on a wild goose chase in 6.16 Birthright (Part I).

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Birthright (Part I)
Season 6, Episode 16

  • While The Enterprise is helping Deep Space Nine with an aquaduct, Data and Dr. Bashir conduct an experiment which leads to Data having his first dream; plus Worf is approached by an alien who says his father is alive.

What I remembered about this episode:
  • I remember the dream Data has, and the whole obsession of trying to understand what it meant and the multiple attempts to recreate it though painting. I'd often tried to draw my own dreams around that time, I wonder if this episode influenced me to do so!

What I see differently:
  • I barely remember the Worf story in this one, it's one that I'm assuming gets resolved so there isn't too much to remember. It was really cool to Data's journey though, and the whole dream and symbolism discussion is one I am just as interested in now as I was at the time of first watching.
  • It was also cool to see Data have a positive interaction with a visiting doctor/scientist with Dr. Bashir. I forgot how much I enjoy his character, but it was also so refreshing to see someone who was earnestly curious but also very respectful of Data.
  • It's heartbreaking that Data access a part of his programming accidentally that was intended to be when he hit a certain developmental stage, one of which it's unclear if he can, or will, ever achieve. But who is to say that skipping to this stage can't create the reality of achieving it anyway?
  • I'm a little surprized it's a 2-parter (and the third two-parter of this season so far). I think this easily could have been 1 episode with the Data storyline and 1 episode with the Worf storyline, although they do both start on DS9.

What I take away from this episode
  • I think the idea of a culture of one as a concept really stuck with me. As well as that looking to your own history and knowledge to understand your dreams, and even creating your own symbology, really fascinates me.

* In an effort to find a way to still be able to share without being overwhelmed, I've simplified my re-watch posts. I've had a few bumps in my Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch and I was looking for a way to still enjoy the experience of watching while also being able to share thoughts and memories of the episodes without being overwhelmed. With a mere 36 episodes left out of 178 I really want to make the push to see this project thought. I hope these new style posts fit that bill.

Images Source: TrekCore

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