What I'm Reading - End of October 2013

With the move this month, I didn't know if I would be able to get in any more reads before November came. But, I made a rather uncharacteristic choice try and help me out there. Instead of trying to cram in a few books that were close to expiring from the library, I skipped ahead and went to read the book that had the longest time to expire. This totally worked out as I wasn't pressed for time in reading the book of choice, and as it happens two HUGE titles came up available in my hold queue. That totally made it feel like I made the right decision.  Go me!

Finished Reading

Curse of the Bane
by Joseph Delaney
Book Two in The Last Apprentice / The Wardstone Chronicles

Although I finished Curse of the Bane this week, I was surpized to realize well into the book that I had...already read it.  Yep.  And I totally forgot that I had, and I have a comprehensive tracking system but  somehow this one slipped through the cracks.  The good news is, I still really enjoyed it and I especially enjoyed the one part I remembered!  I fell for the series hard and fast, and am continuing to enjoy it (save forgetting I already read this book).  The Wardstone Chronicles follow Thomas, a the seventh son of a seventh son who is in training to be a Spook, a person not terribly accepted by society but one who deals with dark entities, spirits, ghasts, etc.  This second book in the series furthers the apprenticing and keeps a nice mystery going as well as lots of dangerous adventuring and challenging decisions, especially around Tom's precarious friendship with the young witch Alice. I definitely will keep reading the series.

by Veronica Roth
Book Two in the Divergent Series

This is the second book in the Divengent series which is set in a dystopic society where people live in separate factions based on different philosophies, and the idea of having leanings to more than one faction is dangerous. I loved the idea of Divergent and I enjoyed a fair amount of the book, but I will admit that I'm pressing on this series mostly because it's being adapted into a film rather than strictly liking it. And seeing as I've been half-way through Insurgent for months doesn't bode too well, I finally decided to push through and finish it as the third book in the series, Allegiant, came out last week.

My main struggle with the series so far is not being able to understand the motivations of the main character Tris, which does become clearer in Insurgent but still couldn't quite connect to her.  I also find that even though it appears that Tris is the protagonist, she isn't particularly driven or action oriented for a lot of the book.  Things seem to just happen around Tris, and I wished she would be more engaged.  Although this inaction is explained, but I just wasn't digging it.  By the end of the book though, I did start to come around but I also had that weird experience where I started to now 'see' the characters by who they are being portrayed by in the film Divergent. Ack! Ah, well. I will keep reading as I already have Allegiant out of the library, and hope they this one pulls me back in to enjoying the series.

Harlequin Exploration Continues

Falcon's Run
by Aimée Thurlo
Copper Canyon Miniseries

I'm continuing my exploration of the different types of Harlequins and this time I dove into the Harlequin Intrigue world where the stories are of suspense and fight for survival. That's not a super-Shannon kind of vibe, but I want to try them all and picked Falcon's Run which had a bit of a on-a-ranch feel which I can dig. The story opens with a murder, and I knew it would be an uphill battle on the enjoyment train for me. I will give it props for good main characters, and that the protagonists here were very different than the other Harlequins I've read but still are accessible and interesting. The focus of the book is strongly driven around solving the mysteries of the murder, and therefore I felt it was less emotional. Or, at least I connected to it less emotionally that I'd like to for a romance. I suspect that the Intrigue books aren't quite for me, although I may try them again after dipping in the other sets. I might keep it light and try some of the novellas next.

Side note: Harlequin recently revamped their website and I'm loving the changes. It's so much easier to find specific titles and see more by specific authors.

On the Horizon

by Veronica Roth
Book Three in the Divergent Series

I'm very excited that by requesting Allegiant before it was even released, I ended up being able to get this out of the library very quickly. Here is hoping that I'll enjoy it more than Insurgent (see review above). I think it's just going to be a trilogy, but with YA these days it feels like everything keeps going on and on and on. Since I'm digging completion these days, I'm hoping we'll get a great trilogy that sums up by the end of this book.

by Lauren Oliver
Book One of the Delirium Series

I have been on the wait list for Delirium for what feels like forever! I hope it is worth the wait. It's been so long since I requested it, but I think it's in the YA / Paranormal Romance realm. And it is a series, one of at least 3. Hopefully I'm in for a happy surprize!

That's how my October reading finished off! I'm really happy that even with the move I managed to get a pretty impressive amount of books read this month. I might even make my GoodReads goal of 37 books this year (I'm currently at 20).  I didn't get to any scary books for the creepy month of October (I didn't even realize people did that), but I did enjoy what I read. As much as I love meeting goals, I keep reminding myself that *enjoying* reading is the most important thing. So, happy reading!

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