What I'm Reading ~ August 2013

This year has been a rough one so far, but as things start to get less bumpy I'm trying to ease back into enjoying that which I enjoy.  This includes getting back into my reading habits. Oddly the first thing I've done is ignore my reading habit of sticking to one book at a time, as now I'm reading several books at once.  I'm sure this is greatly influenced by the fact I'm now reading via a Kobo and adjusting to the whole e-reader thing (note: being able to carry what feels like an infinite number of books at a time is ridiculously awesome).  I'm not sure how I feel about reading several books at once yet, but that's a whole other topic.  For now, I'd like to share about about the titles I've cracked the e-spine on.

Currently Reading:

GSP: The Way of the Fight  
by Georges St-Pierre

I have found this book to be very inspirational. George St-Pierre is a name that most people know, and I was first impressed by him when watching him as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter. He never lost his cool, always had confidence in his fighters and often took an unusual, yet effective, way to coach them. When I found out he had written a book, I requested it right away and have really enjoyed it so far.  He is always thinking, learning and incorporating new elements to better his technique in his life and in his fight.  It's got a 360 feel to it as he often discusses the people who have impacted and helped him, and then we get to read passages from those people who in turn discuss Georges.  It's a fascinating approach to hear his story unfold and I look forward to reading more.

How I Live Now  
by Meg Rosoff

I started this book ages ago and picked it up again recently. It's one where it's so hard to say what it's about because all the descriptions I've heard made me respond like "WHA .... I didn't know that happened!". Let's just go with that it's about an American teenager who goes to stay with her British cousins. But the thing that, you can totally tell its' a British book. I haven't quite put my finger on how you can tell that, but you can. Or rather I feel like I can. I love that it breaks convention in several different ways, and although it easily could be upsetting to many readers it's also very intriguing. I'm hoping to finish this one up pretty soon.

Next on the Horizon:

by Bram Stoker

I'm already a few pages in to this one (although it's hard to tell how far you are in a book when you read via e-reader), and I already wonder why I put it off for so long. I don't read classics that often and the last one I read was The Three Musketeers which, well, might be the reason I haven't picked one up in years! But with the upcoming TV adaptation of Dracula, I finally got the push I needed to pick this one up and give it a go.   It will be interesting to see how much feels interesting or new, given that I've seen at least 5 film adaptations and am very familiar with vampire lore. Here's hoping it will be an enlightening, enjoyable read.

The Maze Runner
by James Dashner

I have gotten this one out of the library without starting it several times, and I swear this time I am going to read it before it expires. It is another book to film adaptation on my reading list (to be released February 14, 2014), and the film stars Dylan O'Brien (Teen Wolf) in the lead role. I keep trying to avoid hear what it's about (I know its dystopic YA), although I pretty much have heard what it's about, and have even watched some of the hype from this years Comic Con (hear Marina & I chat about that over at Before the Dawn), I still "pretend" I only vaguely know what it's about. Anyhow, blinders on, and I'm going to dive in to the world and see what it's all about. I hope I like it!

Those are the books I'm currently reading, and getting ready to chomp into next. What are you reading these days?

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