The Amazing Race Canada - Spoiler-Free Episode List

The Amazing Race Canada is definitely one of the shows I was most excited about this summer. Canada is a huge, diverse country so a race throughout it exploring the different areas and cultures is just up my alley. It started just last week with nine teams competing for the grand prize of "$250,000 in cash, the opportunity to fly free for a year for two anywhere Air Canada flies worldwide (175 destinations) in Executive First Class (based on 10 trips for two), and two 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingrays". The Amazing Race Canada is hosted by Jon Montgomery, Olympic gold medalist (Vancouver 2010 in skeleton).

Here are more details on the show: "With the knowledge that most Canadians have not travelled beyond their own province, THE AMAZING RACE CANADA gives Canadians the opportunity to race around Canada and discover the country they love in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Teams will race to the finish line, criss-crossing up to 23,000 kilometres. A stunning depiction of the Canadian fabric, the teams will travel through both the country’s urban centres as well as the most remote outposts in the land, all while exploring its broad cultural and ethnic diversity, wildlife, and iconic landmarks"

You can watch The Amazing Race Canada over at or on CTV Monday nights at 9pm ET.  And you can find out more about the show at the Facebook Fan Page or following along on Twitter. There are lots of extras at the CTV site including information about The Teams, Recaps, Maps, Gamisodes and more.

If you watch online or if you get behind and don't want to accidentally find out who was (or was not) eliminated, I have made the following handy-dandy episode list so you can watch in a spoiler-free fashion.

The Amazing Race Canada - Spoiler-Free Episode List
Many Canadian shows have their entire seasons online, and it's too early to tell if that will be the case with The Amazing Race Canada, but I really hope that's how they roll.


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