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Lost Girl ~ Spoiler-Free Episode List

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I've been a huge fan of Lost Girl from it's very first episode. It's a Canadian supernatural series follows a succubus named Bo, who although is aware of her powers was brought up outside the world of light and dark Fae and the ruling societies that oversee them. For new-to-Lost-Girl'ers, the Fae are all kinds of supernatural creatures from sirens to wolf-shifters to seers-like characters, and everything in between. Bo ain't so fond on rules, and therefore spends more time with her buddy Kenzi and they walk their own path in both the Fae and the human world. It's a fun, racy, show as is much about about friendship and relationships as it is about The Fae.

I've discovered that you can watch the entire series of Lost Girl over at the Showcase website, and decided to do create this spoiler-free episodes list for folks that want to delve into the series online from start to finish. Whether you are a new to the show, or an old hand like me that likes to re-watch, I hope it is a nice quick-reference for you.

There is also lots of fun Lost Girl goodness at the shows site page over at, including an episode guide, cast biographies, character information, photos, a blog, behind the scenes as well as the full episodes to watch online. If you are a first time watching to Lost Girl, please be aware the season lists are in reverse episode order, which is one of the reason I've made these spoiler-free lists so you can start at beginning, one season at a time.

There is lots more Lost Girl love out there. Over at Hexed Sisterhood of the Supernatural together with my sister Suzie we have shared the love of Lost Girl from it's very first episode. More Lost Girl podcasts to enjoy include The Fae Files, Drinks at the Dal and Faetalists.

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Lost Girl ~ Season 1 Spoiler-Free Episode List 

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Lost Girl ~ Season 2 Spoiler-Free Episode List 

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Lost Girl ~ Season 3 Spoiler-Free Episode List

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Season 4 ~ Season 4 Spoiler-Free Episode List

Lost Girl ~ Season 5 Spoiler-Free Episode List 

Can't get enough Lost Girl?  Check out Hexed Sisterhood of the Supernatural, where my sister Suzie and I have we've been talking about Lost Girl from it's very first episode.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Rookie Blue ~ Spoiler-Free Episode List

......**UPDATE Sept 17, 2013: The availability to watch the entire series of Rookie Blue online now only applies if you have have Global Go; a new service that launched Sept 12, 2013 and is only available to paid cable subscribers.

I'm a newcomer to Rookie Blue.  I shy away from cop shows, usually because they feel way to procedural but when I watched the Season 4 opener of Rookie Blue I could tell there was a lot more to this show.  Plus, being a Torontonian, I can't help but spot locations and cheer on local goodness.

As with many Canadian shows, you can watch the entire series online.  That's right.  Every single episode of Rookie Blue is available to watch over at Global TV website **.  And I plan on watching each and every episode.  The only hitch is, the default view for the videos is the most recent episodes first and I don't want to accidentally be spoiled on what is to come, with some much to enjoy first.

I've created this spoiler-free episode link list to every episode of Rookie Blue, so you can watch online episode by episode.  I hope that helps any other spoiler-sensitive folks too.  And if you are less sensitive to spoilers, there is lots to check out at the Global TV website including Episode Guides, Cast Info, NewsWebisodes and more.  Whether you are a rookie to Rookie Blue like me or a seasoned vet, I hope this resource is helpful to you.


Rookie Blue ~ Season 1 Spoiler-Free Episode List
Rookie Blue ~ Season 2 Spoiler-Free Episode List
 Rookie Blue ~ Season 3 Spoiler-Free Episode List
Rookie Blue ~ Season 4 Spoiler-Free Episode List
Rookie Blue has been renewed, so we will be seeing Season 5 in the future.

**UPDATE Sept 17, 2013: The availability to watch the entire series of Rookie Blue online now only applies if you have have Global Go; a new service that launched Sept 12, 2013 and is only available to paid cable subscribers.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer TV 2013 ~ Where to Watch TV Shows Online in Canada

Who's excited about summer TV? I know I am! Teen Wolf! Continuum! So You Think You Can Dance! Off-Season British Shows! So much to enjoy. As this is my first summer without cable for many years, I've been a bit overwhelmed by when and where to watch stuff as I'm transitioning to watch many of my shows online. Where can I watch them? When do the go live? Will it work in Canada? The list below is one I've created to help watching shows online. It's a resource to actual channel websites and direct show page links (if available) for easy access to watch them at their legitimate source, that is available for streaming here in Canada.

The list is of the shows I'm watching and I will update this it through the summer (June - August 2013) with new shows once I've confirmed they will be available online. As you can see, my tastes run the gambit genre-wise, and I watch a lot of science fiction, reality, Canadian and supernatural shows (in other words, very little drama and pretty much no comedy). Additional shows I'm looking forward to this summer include Under the Dome, Camp, The Amazing Race Canada and Big Brother. If they go up online, I will add them to the list!

I hope the list is helpful for to watch TV streaming online through legitimate sources that work here in Canada! If you are looking for something that isn't on the list, check the resources at the bottom for search suggestions.  Happy Watching!






  • ~~

  • Orphan Black (Premiere Season) - Space
  • Being Human UK (Fifth and Final Season) - Space

Scheduling (When Shows Appear Online)
  • In general, I've found that shows go online the day after their are broadcasted and 2 or 3 of the most recent episodes are available. 
  • The exception to that kind-of rule is Canadian shows and co-pro's, especially if it is an original production created by the channel itself.  In these cases the entire season (or series) can be available to watch online. Summer shows that have their entire seasons or series available include: Continuum, Big Brother Canada, Rookie Blue, Top Chef Canada and XIII.  Edit: Orphan Black and Defiance now only available in part (Updated July 2013).
Tech-ish Stuff
  • I've found the least issues watching through Chrome as a browser.  Some players seem to work better with Firefox or Internet Explorer, but none seem to work great with both as you can get stuck in a commercials-loop cycle or just stop working.  Try it and see what works for you!  As always, if it's working - stick with it!  And always keep Adobe Flash Player up to date.  If anyone has any other hints to seamless streaming, I'd be thrilled to here them.
* A few online viewing options do not have a specific page for watching a singular show, but rather a video player for watching any of their offerings (like Space and Discovery).  In those cases I've put the link to the broadcasters website, as opposed to the show.  Then either select the show if it's displayed prominently, or click their video library, select your show, the season and then the episode.

+ As a side note, I included The Deadliest Catch but personally I opted to get this season via iTunes because I found the online option not very reliable (the episodes were not going up very timely manner), as well as not seeing the new addition of "The Bait" being online. I adore this show, and wanted my episodes quickly and reliably, and to add to my permanent collection.

Something Not Here? 
  • This is just what I'm watching, so there can easily be a show out there and not on the list because I don't watch everything!  To find where it is, just do a Google Search for "Watch _____ online" and look for a broadcaster you recognize and trust to watch the show.  
  • Another way is to browse through the Canadian TV broadcasters websites video pages: CBC, CTV, Global and CityTV (all of which are also all available through antenna).
  • And the Specialty Channels: Space, Showcase, Slice, Much Music (no great direct link, hover over 'videos' at the left), Discovery, Food Network and History.  If there is a Canadian channel that streams shows you'd like added, just leave a comment below and I'll update the list.
Please, no spoilers on any shows!  I hope that goes without say as by definition readers of this list are people that watching shows after they air.  A great place to have spoiler-y discussions if you are looking for that is Get Glue as it's people who *are* watching the show!

Happy Watching!

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