ST:TNG 6.01 Time's Arrow (Part II) ~ Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch

It's time to get back to the past in 6.01 Time's Arrow (Part II).
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Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch treks into Season 6 with ...

Time's Arrow (Part II)
Season 6, Episode 1

  • Picard, Riker, Beverly, Geordi and Troi also travel to the past where Data is stuck in San Francisco to solve the mystery of the time travelling aliens that leech the life force off of humans.
    Character Focus:
    • This one does feature the majority of the crew, but Data is still strongly in focus, especially as we continue to see the mystery of his disembodied head appear in the past.
    • Picard and Guinan are very important here, as we get to see their first meeting (at least from a linear perspective), as well as that Picard stays in the past to help her as she is hurt and alone.
    • We also find out more about the busybody in San Francisco's past of Samuel Clemens who continuously tries to catch Data in a lie about time travel and the future, however it's later revealed that he is the writer Mark Twain.

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    What I remembered about this episode:
    • I remember how brilliant the moment is that explains why Data's head is in the past, and how it doesn't mean he died or dies at some point. I is such a great moment, explaining the impossible with something possible but I never thought of. That was such a satisfying moment, because it feels like what was once considered inevitable awful, ended up just fine and as it was suppose to. Maybe even better.
    What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
    • It's funny how often it's referred to that Riker has been offered commands, and is basically overqualifed in his job but when he is in command of The Enterprise, gets very 'what am I suppose to do?' mode. It happened here with Guinan, and I believe it also happened back in 3.26 The Best of Both Worlds Part I and Part II.
    • Riker's hair in the past was cracking me up, but it totally works!
    What feels different now, than then:
    • This one seems to pick up quite a bit after where we left off in 5.26 Time's Arrow, as Picard, Beverly, Troi, Geordi & Riker have all gotten established in the past full-on with costumes, lodging and in Beverly's case a job! I know this is likely logistical so we can spend more time on the story because there is a lot to get to, and they explain that they've haven't paid for their rent but it still seems a little odd.
    • On first watch, the aliens really freaked me out and felt very scary. This time around, I barely remembered the storyline that surrounded them and was much more interested in all the period fun. I especially loved all the hair & costumes.
    • I also used to think the Clemens character was really annoying, and in Part 2 I felt that he was very adventurous and inspiring, hence so many of the quotes chosen below to go him.
    What remained the same:
    • The moments between Picard and Guinan are spectacular, especially when she meets him for the first time.
    • Clemens mistaking Worf for a werewolf was priceless!
    What I see differently:
    • This one feels quite different as a season opener in terms of a viewing experience, usually I like to note any changes in the characters or actors in terms of costume, hair, etc; but given that the majority of this one is in the past I couldn't do that! I guess I'll have to see what 6.02 can fit that bill.
    • I think the idea of meeting someone for the first time can be different for both people involved, that here we see Guinan meet Picard for the first time but we know they already met each other. It also continues the mystery of their 'it goes beyond friendship' relationship, and to whenever it was that Picard thinks it was the first time they met!
    • I was shocked that Picard, Troi, Beverly, Riker and Geordi couldn't find Data. It's not like he was a hard person to spot, and made quite an impression on anyone he met. I know they were searching for the aliens, but still felt odd for them to be apart.
    Great Quotes:
    • "Young man, I have a maxim that I have always lived by: no one is more qualified to write your story than you are." - Samuel Clemens / Mark Twain
    • "Follow your dreams, and write about them." - Samuel Clemens / Mark Twain
    • "That's history fulfilling itself." - Picard
    • "I only took advantage of an irresistible opportunity, as any good writer would." - Samuel Clemens / Mark Twain
    Left off at:
    Geordi sets Data's normal body and old head together, and finds a message from Picard in his head that relays what to not do in terms of their current play to destroy the aliens. Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain goes back to the past and lets Picard know how to get back to his time. The crew successfully destroy the aliens, and go on their merry way.

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