Happy Easter 2013!

I recently did a musing response to Suzie's question about Why We Blog, and I realized I don't blog about much of what's going on personally here at my personal blog, so I though - why not do a personal post? With no good reason not to, I decided to do one. And here it is!

We occasionally celebrate Easter, and I have fond memories of egg-colouring (and smashing!) and playing badminton and pidag making, but more often than not I usually just think of it as a really long weekend. For years I used it as an "extra day (or two)" to catch up on things, but this year I decided to clean. And low and behold, that's actually a family tradition of my Grandma's on my Mom's side (thanks for reminding me Jamie!).

I've been cleaning the kitchen, specifically the cupboards and it's wild to see what's in there. Some of the stuff I haven't touched since I moved in and others things I use every day. As I go through things I've let a few things go but I've also really appreciated the things that I have. I may not use them all the time, but that doesn't mean I don't treasure them. Whether it's traditional Corningware with faded blue flowers or the wire rack I bend one Thanksgiving so it would fit in the pan, or a mug I bought and used at one particular job that was the perfect size for their hot chocolate. I have memories of every item, and with so much paring down over the years the things I decided to keep were ones with good memories. And I appreciate them even more now knowing they are in the process of being happy and clean and all put away nicely. At least that's the plan!


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