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Continuum ~ Spoiler-Free Episode List

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Continuum Season 2 premieres in just under a month (April 21, 2013 at 9pm EST on Showcase), and I thought it might be fun to revisit Season 1 especially as you can watch all the episodes online over at and

If you are unfamiliar with the show, Continuum is a Canadian science fiction series that is set in present day and future Vancouver. Here's an official description: "Continuum is a one-hour police drama centered on Kiera Cameron, a regular cop from 65 years in the future who finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver. She is alone, a stranger in a strange land, and has eight of the most ruthless criminals from the future, known as Liber8, loose in the city."

The show is a lot of fun from the cool tech side of things to interesting personal relationships and social dynamics to bigger scale vision of power and control.  If you want to hear more of my thoughts about the series you can check out Hexed: Sisterhood of the Supernatural where my sister Suzie and I podcasted our way all through Season 1.

I love that you can watch all the episodes online, but I noticed that along with episodes themselves there are also tons of behinds the scenes, interviews, trailers, teasers and extras for Season 1 which is awesome if you want to dive really deep into the series but not as much if you want to stay spoiler-free.  So, I created this spoiler-free episode list to enjoy the series for the first time or if you want to re-visit it like me!.

Continuum ~ Season 1 Spoiler-Free Episode List
Continuum ~ Season 2 Spoiler-Free Episode List

    Images Source: Keira, Continuum Cast (from left to right Kellog, Kiera, Carlos, Sonya, Alec, Travis), Alec 

    Continuum ~ Season 3 Spoiler-Free Episode List

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