Big Brother Canada ~ Spoiler-Free Episode List

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I've been enjoying Big Brother Canada since it started in late February, but as someone who watches the show online I'm not always up to date and last week when I went to catch up on several episodes I accidentally saw who was evicted before nominations even happened! So, I decided to create this spoiler-free episode list as a resources in hopes that this doesn't happen to anyone else.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the show, especially how Canadian it it from the challenge themes to the contestants themselves, and anxiously await each and every episode. I have included the competition or ceremony in this listing, only for context as that is often how we remember the last episode we saw. There won't ever be a spoiler-y description.

A big thank you to for airing it online as well as on TV. If you just can't wait until this is updated, I find this link to be the most reliable for getting to find the episode links without spoilers and new episodes usually go up the following day; however it still shows an image per episode, so if you are several behind those images can say a lot.

I hope people find this resource helpful so that we can all enjoy the show spoiler-free.

Big Brother Canada ~ Spoiler-Free Episode List

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Shannon, you are the BEST!
Shannon said…
Awww, thanks Jamie!

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