Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013!

I recently did a musing response to Suzie's question about Why We Blog, and I realized I don't blog about much of what's going on personally here at my personal blog, so I though - why not do a personal post? With no good reason not to, I decided to do one. And here it is!

We occasionally celebrate Easter, and I have fond memories of egg-colouring (and smashing!) and playing badminton and pidag making, but more often than not I usually just think of it as a really long weekend. For years I used it as an "extra day (or two)" to catch up on things, but this year I decided to clean. And low and behold, that's actually a family tradition of my Grandma's on my Mom's side (thanks for reminding me Jamie!).

I've been cleaning the kitchen, specifically the cupboards and it's wild to see what's in there. Some of the stuff I haven't touched since I moved in and others things I use every day. As I go through things I've let a few things go but I've also really appreciated the things that I have. I may not use them all the time, but that doesn't mean I don't treasure them. Whether it's traditional Corningware with faded blue flowers or the wire rack I bend one Thanksgiving so it would fit in the pan, or a mug I bought and used at one particular job that was the perfect size for their hot chocolate. I have memories of every item, and with so much paring down over the years the things I decided to keep were ones with good memories. And I appreciate them even more now knowing they are in the process of being happy and clean and all put away nicely. At least that's the plan!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Continuum ~ Spoiler-Free Episode List

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Continuum Season 2 premieres in just under a month (April 21, 2013 at 9pm EST on Showcase), and I thought it might be fun to revisit Season 1 especially as you can watch all the episodes online over at and

If you are unfamiliar with the show, Continuum is a Canadian science fiction series that is set in present day and future Vancouver. Here's an official description: "Continuum is a one-hour police drama centered on Kiera Cameron, a regular cop from 65 years in the future who finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver. She is alone, a stranger in a strange land, and has eight of the most ruthless criminals from the future, known as Liber8, loose in the city."

The show is a lot of fun from the cool tech side of things to interesting personal relationships and social dynamics to bigger scale vision of power and control.  If you want to hear more of my thoughts about the series you can check out Hexed: Sisterhood of the Supernatural where my sister Suzie and I podcasted our way all through Season 1.

I love that you can watch all the episodes online, but I noticed that along with episodes themselves there are also tons of behinds the scenes, interviews, trailers, teasers and extras for Season 1 which is awesome if you want to dive really deep into the series but not as much if you want to stay spoiler-free.  So, I created this spoiler-free episode list to enjoy the series for the first time or if you want to re-visit it like me!.

Continuum ~ Season 1 Spoiler-Free Episode List
Continuum ~ Season 2 Spoiler-Free Episode List

    Images Source: Keira, Continuum Cast (from left to right Kellog, Kiera, Carlos, Sonya, Alec, Travis), Alec 

    Continuum ~ Season 3 Spoiler-Free Episode List

    ST:TNG 6.05 Schisms ~ Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch

    Unnerving bizarre memories among the crew reveal multiple abductions and experiments in 6.05 Schisms.

    Images Source: TrekCore

    Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch continues with ...

    Season 6, Episode 5

    • Riker and several other members of the Enterprise crew are having trouble sleeping as well as odd, strong emotional reactions to objects all while the ship is charting a large dense cluster via amplified sensors. Further investigation leads to a subspace rift and that aliens from the other side are pulling Enterprise crew members through and experimenting on them.
      Character Focus:
      • Riker is the focus here, especially because a lot of the episode follows him in the having trouble sleeping part of the story. He also gets to pull the brave card (which is always does) and volunteers to take on the risk of being awake at the time of his next abduction
      • We also get to see a fair amount of time with Geordi and Data who both play a large part in the science part of the story, plus Data also is one of the abducted and also shares a poetry reading with the crew.
      What I remembered about this episode:
      • I remember be totally scared by this one, as it was truly an alien abduction story and those always scare me; with this one it was the re-creation scene in the holodeck and specifically when it all comes together with the clicking sounds. It was also a little ahead of the curve in '92 coming out before the film Fire in the Sky in '93 and The X-Files which started in '95.
      • I also really remember the re-creation scene in the holodeck, which I think is one of my favourite uses of the holodeck because it's so practical. A way to bring a hazy vision to life and continually shape and reshape it until it's right. Fascinating.
      What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
      • Not too much, I remember this one this one very vividly. Although near the end Picard says everyone is aboard and accounted for and okay, and Riker indicates that one person did die. I wonder if I missed something there.
      What feels different now, than then:
      • I was surprized how much this one holds up even when knowing what the mystery is. There is such an unnerving feeling achieved through so many different ways from us seeing Riker appear to feel like he got zero sleep when Geordi tells him it's the next day, or when Data loses time, or when all the shared experiences of the crew members affect them throughout their duties. When you put it all together along with the whole poking into subspace and getting something come back, that's a whole lotta craziness.
      What remained the same:
      • Data's poetry reading was hilarious. "Ode to Spot"... oh my. That one will always get me.
      • It's so scary when they ask the ship if everyone is accounted for and 2 crew members are missing. And I still freaked out when one is returned and his biochemistry is changed so much he ends up dying.
      What I see differently:
      • It was hilarious to see Data realize that Geordi is right over him in terms of the fact he lost and isn't synchronized with the ships computer. Data is genuinely surprized. I did find it odd that Data didn't remember anything about the abduction, that's pretty unusual for a story of this nature to have him and the organic crew members have the same reaction.
      Great Quotes:
      • "Felis catus is your taxonomic nomenclature - An endothermic quadruped, carnivorous by nature." - Data
      • "I've been in this room before." / "We've all been here before." - Geordi / Riker
      • "Ensign Rager and I were lucky to have escaped. Lieutenant Hagler is dead. Whoever it was that sent that thing was more than simply curious." - Riker
      Left off at:
      When it's discovered that the aliens are creating a pocket of space and pulling people into subspace, Riker volunteers to have a homing device on him and be drugged to stay awake for his next abduction. When he goes back The Enterprise tries but the rift between the 2 spaces gets erratic and eventually Riker jumps back into ship with carrying the other abducted crew member.

      Images Source: TrekCore

      Wednesday, March 27, 2013

      ST:TNG 6.04 Relics ~ Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch

      It's a transporter blast from the past with Scotty on The Enterprise in 6.04 Relics.

      Images Source: TrekCore

      Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch continues with ...

      Season 6, Episode 4

      • The Enterprise finds a crashed ship on the exterior of what appears to be a Dyson sphere. Inside the ship there is a transporter signal that's been locked in for 75 years and when they activate the beam, Scotty from The Original Series materializes.
      What it's really about:
      • The audience gets a chance to see Scotty!
        Character Focus:
        • Scotty is obviously the focus here, we get to see him again but also with him missing 75 years while in the transporter this puts him out of place with technological advances and therefore kind of displacing him from his area of expertise.
        • We also get a fair amount of Geordi time as he works with, or tries to avoid working with Scotty but they eventually do find a way to connect (through possible disaster, of course!).
        • We also get important notations from Picard who spends time with Scotty reminiscing on their old ships, but also Picard reminds Geordi that people need to feel useful, and encourages them to work together.
        What I remembered about this episode:
        • I remember thinking what the heck, are they going to find a way to bring back the entire original crew? We already had Bones back in 1.01 Encounter at Farpoint (Part 1) and Spock in 5.07 Unification O and 5.08 Unification II. But, I'm trying to be a little less jaded now on these things, at least when Trek is involved.
        • I also remember the ominous Dyson sphere, which made quite and impression although does bear a bit of a resemblance to The Death Star in Star Wars.
        • I also vividly remember the moment the holodeck doors open and we not only see, but hear, the original Enterprise bridge. And that's when I realized how nostalgic the sounds on The Original Series were. Sure it's the adventures and the crew, but the quickest way to take you back there is to hear those whistle-y chirpy sounds on the bridge.
        What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
        • I was trying to geek out a bit on the facts of the different Enterprises, and while I'm sure the show has it all down pat I was wondering how many Enterprises there were and all their numbers and such. I don't usually think about this series in this way, but the fact that I'm also doing a Star Trek film re-watch in anticipation to Star Trek Into Darkness places me in an odd spot of re-watching both the TNG series and the TOS films which comes together a bit here!.
        What feels different now, than then:
        • I understand the theme of this one more now, ah....that makes *me* feel old!
        What remained the same:
        • Geordi feels really not nice to Scotty, which I found suprizing and uncomfortable, although he's not the most diplomatic and has had this happen before most notably with Barclay in 3.21 Hollow Pursuits.
        What I see differently:
        • Although this one always makes me a bit sad, it's the outlived-your-use-and-place feeling that is so uncomfortable. I think they get it somewhere good, but it's not super pleasant to go through.
        • The send off at the end of the episode you can feel the joy and honour of the crew, and the actors, at getting to work with Scotty. That was really cool.
        • Even though I love that they showed The Original Series bridge of The Enterprise, I can not remember *ever* seeing Scotty on it! Although, I do have a hard time recalling what Engineering looked like on that series...Scotty was usually at a communications terminal saying how he can, or can not, get something done.
        Great Quotes:
        • "The Enterprise? I should have known. I bet Jim Kirk himself hauled the old girl out of mothballs to come looking for me." - Scotty
        • "If this ship were operational, I bet she'd run circles around the Enterprise at impulse speeds. Just because something's old doesn't mean you throw it away." - Geordi
        • "The android at the bar said you could show me my old ship. Let me see it." - Scotty
        Left off at:
        When The Enterprise disappears, Scotty and Geordi have to work together to solve the mystery and save the day - which they do! They send off Scotty with a shuttlecraft on extended loan for him to continue adventuring.

        Images Source: TrekCore

        Tuesday, March 26, 2013

        ST:TNG 6.03 Man of the People ~ Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch

        Troi gets bombarded with a tranquil mediators malicious energy in 6.03 Man of the People.
         photo STTNG603ManofthePeople26_zpsc61bdcee.jpg  photo STTNG603ManofthePeople11_zpsbb0a04c3.jpg  photo STTNG603ManofthePeople2_zps4efe4ccd.jpg
        Images Source: TrekCore

        Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch continues with ...

        Man of the People
        Season 6, Episode 3

        • The Enterprise is transporting a mediator, Ambassador Alkar, after his defenseless transport ship has been attacked on the way to Rekag-Seronia to resolve continuous hostilities. Turns out his tranquil mediation style is only achieved by channelling his own malicious thoughts into someone else, and when his current 'receptacle' dies he unwillingly uses Troi.
          Character Focus:
          • Troi is the main focus here, as we she her behavior change and appear to age rapidly once Alkar forces her to be his new 'receptacle'. She also actually (intentionally) dies in the episode, so that Alkar will stop channelling to her and then later they revive her. I think that might be the first actual death/revival of a crew member.
          • Ambassador Alkar is also a focus, being the baddie of the episode and quite horrifically so with a complete lack of remorse for using people to house his darker side. Also, the woman who appears to be his mother, is also a focus as she displays the erratic behavior which we then see in Troi.
          What I remembered about this episode:
          • I remember it as a 'Troi taken over' episode, and the horror of her going through such an awful transformation. Plus how much of a violation it is, truly horrific. I also mistook this one for a different one! So I know there is likely at least one more of these eps to come.
          What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
          • Not so much about this episode in particular, but this is the first time I noticed that the cast names for the 'also starring' portion of the opening credits are alphabetical by the last name of the actor. On one hand, this feels silly to even mention but on the other hand I'm shocked I never noticed before!
          • I loved how Picard was without question going to stop Alkar and hold him accountable, once he found out what was going on there was no question this was going to happen and I loved how Picard called him 'wantonly immoral'. So true!
          What feels different now, than then:
          • It cheeses me off that it feels like (at least) once a season Troi gets possessed or taken advantage of in some way. This one was really bad, second only to 5.12 Violations.
          • On the flip side to that, when she is receiving the negative energy from Ambassador Alkar she displays often what on other shows tends to be typical 'annoying' female behavior of being jealous, flippant and selfish - but this actually shows such a contrast from her, or any character in the series, that it can serve to exemplify how untypical the show is when it comes to gender depictions. You can also really see it when she gets all one-minded with Riker insisting that he is jealous, which totally abnormal for their relationship.
          What remained the same:
          • It's pretty shocking that it's inferred Troi sleeps with a crew member she randomly encounters in the ship, although I was impressed with the subtly of how they show that.
          • It was also really shocking to see her basically tell someone off in a counselling session, by saying she was tired of hearing her complain and if she can't hack it prepare to be transferred.
          • The dress she wears in Ten-Forward is STUNNING!
          What I see differently:
          • It's a great example that what appears to be the most logical solution, sometimes is not. This one everyone thought Alkar's 'mother' display of odd behavior was explained away by her age, but in fact Troi's first instincts were right that something was off with her and she was dangerous and full of hate.
          • I think it's a way of saying you can't negate the darker emotions of yourself, because when Alkar did this sure he was calm but he also had no sense of right and wrong. As challenging as it may be, it is up to the individual to handle *all* aspects of themselves.
          Great Quotes:
          • "It's not going to be any easier tomorrow." - Riker
          • "You're a coward, Alkar. You exploit the innocent, because you're unwilling to shoulder the burdens of unpleasant emotions." - Picard
          • "Counselor Troi has altered her appearance." - Data
          Left off at:
          When Beverly finally gets the okay to do the autopsy on Alkar's 'mother', she finds the woman was 30 not 90 and displays the same trauma Troi is going through. They induce Troi's death so Alkar will stop channeling to her and then block his attempt to connect with another woman. This leads to a backlash of the negative energy/emotions to Alkar, which kills him.

           photo STTNG603ManofthePeople34_zps06eba6e3.jpg  photo STTNG603ManofthePeople35_zps0fb28c09.jpg  photo STTNG603ManofthePeople41_zpsa39174c2.jpg
          Images Source: TrekCore

          Sunday, March 24, 2013

          Big Brother Canada ~ Spoiler-Free Episode List

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          I've been enjoying Big Brother Canada since it started in late February, but as someone who watches the show online I'm not always up to date and last week when I went to catch up on several episodes I accidentally saw who was evicted before nominations even happened! So, I decided to create this spoiler-free episode list as a resources in hopes that this doesn't happen to anyone else.

          I'm thoroughly enjoying the show, especially how Canadian it it from the challenge themes to the contestants themselves, and anxiously await each and every episode. I have included the competition or ceremony in this listing, only for context as that is often how we remember the last episode we saw. There won't ever be a spoiler-y description.

          A big thank you to for airing it online as well as on TV. If you just can't wait until this is updated, I find this link to be the most reliable for getting to find the episode links without spoilers and new episodes usually go up the following day; however it still shows an image per episode, so if you are several behind those images can say a lot.

          I hope people find this resource helpful so that we can all enjoy the show spoiler-free.

          Big Brother Canada ~ Spoiler-Free Episode List

          Images Source:

          Friday, March 22, 2013

          ST:TNG 6.02 Realm of Fear ~ Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch

          It's Barclay versus fear of the transporter it 6.02 Realm of Fear.
           photo STTNG602RealmofFear17_zpsd3946257.jpg  photo STTNG602RealmofFear6_zpsffb85b04.jpg  photo STTNG602RealmofFear_zps87fed619.jpg
          Images Source: TrekCore

          Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch continues with ...

          Realm of Fear
          Season 6, Episode 2

          • When the Enterprise goes to investigate a non-responsive science ship investigating a plasma stream, it triggers Barclay's fear of the transporter as he's asked to join the away team. Turns out this phobia will lead them to continue to find breadcrumbs for bigger mystery of the disappeared crew.
            Character Focus:
            • Barclay is the focus here, and it's nice to see him! I don't think we even saw him in Season 5 at all so it's nice to start off Season 6 with a fun Barclay episode. It's also awesome that his manic phobia is not only the lead to solve the mystery but his bravery to use the transporter for a long duration that saves the crew members from the other ship.
            What I remembered about this episode:
            • I remember Barclay being afraid of the transporter, and that he saw things in it. And that he seemed oddly familiar with calling up the medical database.
            What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
            • The opening shot of the plasma field was absolutely gorgeous (and a little was also used in 3.01 Evolution. Full disclosure: I had to look that up)!
            • It's really strange that the crew members on the other ship had mostly disappeared except the one they found dead, but it didn't seem like *finding* them was a priority. Figuring out what happened, yes, but not really looking for the crew.
            • They talk about the safety of the transporter in this one, and how it's the best way to travel and has a very low accident rate. I know there are tons where the transporter ends up being the solution to the problem of the episode; 2.07 Unnatural Selection always stands out for that one with Pulaski - who has also very anti-transporter. I'm trying to remember if there are episodes in TNG that had accidents, and I know there was one in 4.11 Data's Day but it turned out to be a Romulan rouse.
            What feels different now, than then:
            • Although I did remember this episode, I didn't realize there was another Barclay one that was yet to come after his introduction in 3.21 Hollow Pursuits and the one where he gets supersmart by aliens interfacing with him in 4.19 The Nth Degree.
            • I think this is the first time we've seen Troi take someone off duty, as she does with Barclay.
            • There is a note in this one that facing your fears...leads to more fears! But they still get overcome in the end. If Barclay can do it, so can you!
            What remained the same:
            • The idea of this one is creepy! Getting stuck in the transporter? And being mis-thought to be microbes? And I actually didn't understand it because the how The Enterprise crew got over to the other ship was by 'bridging' the two transporters and I think they explain it by saying the other ship tried to 'do the same thing'. How could they do that if they only had one ship? I kept going in and out on whether I felt like I understood this one.
            What I see differently:
            • I think it's sweet that the crew seemed to now have turned the corner on Barclay, and accept his odder-than-normal behaviour as just 'how he is'. O'Brien even tries to comfort him on getting over his transporter phobia by relaying his own story of fear about spiders. Not the way I'd go about it, but it was a nice effort!
            Great Quotes:
            • "I'm always nervous. Everybody knows that." - Barclay
            • "The idea of being... deconstructed molecule by molecule, it's more than I can stand. Even when I was... a child, I always had a dreadful fear that, if ever I was dematerialized, that I would... never come back again whole. I know, sounds crazy, but..." / "It's not crazy at all. You *are* being taken apart molecule by molecule." - Barclay and Troi
            • "Well, if I didn't know so much about these things, maybe they wouldn't scare me so much." - Barclay
            Left off at:
            They try and fix Barclay's microbe infestation by using the transporter and he grabs what he thinks is a 'microbe' which turns out to be a crew member from the other ship. When he is transported back, he relays the information and the remaining missing crew is saved.

             photo STTNG602RealmofFear35_zps27989ce3.jpg  photo STTNG602RealmofFear38_zpsb299db67.jpg
            Images Source: TrekCore

            Thursday, March 21, 2013

            ST:TNG 6.01 Time's Arrow (Part II) ~ Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch

            It's time to get back to the past in 6.01 Time's Arrow (Part II).
             photo STTNG601TimesArrowPartII17_zps2b3da5a0.jpg  photo STTNG601TimesArrowPartII8_zps02cf50d8.jpg  photo STTNG601TimesArrowPartII20_zps9d900822.jpg
            Images Source: TrekCore

            Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch treks into Season 6 with ...

            Time's Arrow (Part II)
            Season 6, Episode 1

            • Picard, Riker, Beverly, Geordi and Troi also travel to the past where Data is stuck in San Francisco to solve the mystery of the time travelling aliens that leech the life force off of humans.
              Character Focus:
              • This one does feature the majority of the crew, but Data is still strongly in focus, especially as we continue to see the mystery of his disembodied head appear in the past.
              • Picard and Guinan are very important here, as we get to see their first meeting (at least from a linear perspective), as well as that Picard stays in the past to help her as she is hurt and alone.
              • We also find out more about the busybody in San Francisco's past of Samuel Clemens who continuously tries to catch Data in a lie about time travel and the future, however it's later revealed that he is the writer Mark Twain.

               photo STTNG601TimesArrowPartII28_zps935b544e.jpg  photo STTNG601TimesArrowPartII38_zps3928c099.jpg
              Images Source: TrekCore

              What I remembered about this episode:
              • I remember how brilliant the moment is that explains why Data's head is in the past, and how it doesn't mean he died or dies at some point. I is such a great moment, explaining the impossible with something possible but I never thought of. That was such a satisfying moment, because it feels like what was once considered inevitable awful, ended up just fine and as it was suppose to. Maybe even better.
              What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
              • It's funny how often it's referred to that Riker has been offered commands, and is basically overqualifed in his job but when he is in command of The Enterprise, gets very 'what am I suppose to do?' mode. It happened here with Guinan, and I believe it also happened back in 3.26 The Best of Both Worlds Part I and Part II.
              • Riker's hair in the past was cracking me up, but it totally works!
              What feels different now, than then:
              • This one seems to pick up quite a bit after where we left off in 5.26 Time's Arrow, as Picard, Beverly, Troi, Geordi & Riker have all gotten established in the past full-on with costumes, lodging and in Beverly's case a job! I know this is likely logistical so we can spend more time on the story because there is a lot to get to, and they explain that they've haven't paid for their rent but it still seems a little odd.
              • On first watch, the aliens really freaked me out and felt very scary. This time around, I barely remembered the storyline that surrounded them and was much more interested in all the period fun. I especially loved all the hair & costumes.
              • I also used to think the Clemens character was really annoying, and in Part 2 I felt that he was very adventurous and inspiring, hence so many of the quotes chosen below to go him.
              What remained the same:
              • The moments between Picard and Guinan are spectacular, especially when she meets him for the first time.
              • Clemens mistaking Worf for a werewolf was priceless!
              What I see differently:
              • This one feels quite different as a season opener in terms of a viewing experience, usually I like to note any changes in the characters or actors in terms of costume, hair, etc; but given that the majority of this one is in the past I couldn't do that! I guess I'll have to see what 6.02 can fit that bill.
              • I think the idea of meeting someone for the first time can be different for both people involved, that here we see Guinan meet Picard for the first time but we know they already met each other. It also continues the mystery of their 'it goes beyond friendship' relationship, and to whenever it was that Picard thinks it was the first time they met!
              • I was shocked that Picard, Troi, Beverly, Riker and Geordi couldn't find Data. It's not like he was a hard person to spot, and made quite an impression on anyone he met. I know they were searching for the aliens, but still felt odd for them to be apart.
              Great Quotes:
              • "Young man, I have a maxim that I have always lived by: no one is more qualified to write your story than you are." - Samuel Clemens / Mark Twain
              • "Follow your dreams, and write about them." - Samuel Clemens / Mark Twain
              • "That's history fulfilling itself." - Picard
              • "I only took advantage of an irresistible opportunity, as any good writer would." - Samuel Clemens / Mark Twain
              Left off at:
              Geordi sets Data's normal body and old head together, and finds a message from Picard in his head that relays what to not do in terms of their current play to destroy the aliens. Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain goes back to the past and lets Picard know how to get back to his time. The crew successfully destroy the aliens, and go on their merry way.

               photo STTNG601TimesArrowPartII42_zps850503e0.jpg  photo STTNG601TimesArrowPartII54_zps4a40cc06.jpg  photo STTNG601TimesArrowPartII52_zpsc989d27b.jpg
              Images Source: TrekCore

              Tuesday, March 19, 2013

              Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 5 Archive & Reflection

               photo STTNG522ImaginaryFriend31_zps2a87246f.jpg  photo STTNG505Disaster37_zpsef07da0f.jpg

              Images Source: TrekCore

              The re-watching of Star Trek: The Next Generation continues with recently completing watching Season 5.  I've changed my watching habits a little bit so I'm a little behind and off kilter on this summary, but that ends up being in perfect alignment as something changed when I was watching Season 5.  I think doing the write ups started to feel rote and I was less engaged and aware of what I was doing as it became such a habit. It's funny because they certainly aren't recaps, and if you are looking for a what happened when this isn't the place for it (and if you want that Memory Alpha is *totally* the place for it).  My re-watching write ups are about what I remembered about the episode, and how or if I feel differently about it now as well as enjoying the series as a whole from start to finish. 

               photo STTNG505Disaster35_zps1990d2fb.jpg  photo STTNG520CostofLiving10_zpsda8c72f9.jpg  photo STTNG509AMatterofTime31_zps8affb2cc.jpg

              I think that being well beyond the halfway point made me aware of which episodes I had seen, and which were left to come and therefore it felt like some of the mystery was gone. Of course I thought that, and then I was sidelined by and episode like 5.21 The Perfect Mate aka The Kamala One which felt sooooo Season 1. And then ones I was really looking forward to did pop up, and I loved re-visiting them.  I think knowing the end is in site, but it's still a long way off, is a better way to approach things.  There are many episodes this season that I loved and many more ones to enjoy in the remaining 2 seasons.

               photo STTNG503EnsignRo21_zpsbd63260e.jpg  photo STTNG510NewGround7_zps5fbfce9b.jpg  photo STTNG505Disaster42_zps92117c96.jpg

              A few things that centre Season 5 are the introduction of Ensign Ro (played by the fabulous Michelle Forbes), who survives even though she wears red and fills the bridge spot that was vacated by Wesley.  Ro isn't in every episode, but does fire up on the screen whether she's arguing with people or falling for Riker when they both lose their memories.  We also have Alexander come to live with Worf on The Enterprise, which gives a parent/child relationship on the show although they have a very rocky relationship.  Of course there is another little bundle of joy on the ship, as Keiko and O'Brien's daughter Molly is born amidst the chaos and with the help of Worf in 5.05 Disaster.  And even with Wesley at the Academy he pops up this season for two episodes, one as a visit to the ship in 5.06 The Game and the second time when he is involved in an accident and cover up at The Academy in 5.19 The First Duty.  It was also exciting to see a fun friendship evolve between Alexander and Lwaxana in one of my all-time favourite episodes 5.20 Cost of Living, they become fast friends and have fun in mud baths, much to the chagrin of Worf and Deanna who are trying to be so serious.

               photo STTNG520CostofLiving18_zpsb1681848.jpg  photo STTNG509AMatterofTime27_zpsf45c28f7.jpg  photo STTNG519TheFirstDuty19_zpsd1ba1be4.jpg

              Speaking of serious, Season 5 has a few episodes I seriously dislike which is very rare for me with Trek.  I've never liked 5.21 The Perfect Mate and I find 5.12 Violations extremely uncomfortable; both episodes I have rarely re-watched until now and likely would skip in the future.  I also was remember being so miffed that in 5.16 Ethics when Worf literally breaks his back and they do say that recovery will take time, yet in the next episode he's fine.  Trek isn't the best for longevity pieces like that, but to just have him back at it the next episode was shocking.  I also found it sad that they bring back Wesley in 5.19 The First Duty, yet it shows with potentially compromised morals which leaves quite a sour note for his character after being the wunderkit for so long.

               photo STTNG502Darmok36_zpseeb0e879.jpg  photo STTNG514Conundrum23_zps9ccb193e.jpg

              On the happier side, there are many episodes that I absolutely adore including the formidable language-centric 5.02 Darmok which Captain and Captain meeting of the minds that almost ended in Shaka, When the Walls Fell.  I also loved seeing how each crew member reacted when people were stranded throughout the ship (including Picard in a turboliff with 3 kids) in 5.05 Disaster.  And who knew there could be such a wonderful re-watchable reset episodes of 5.19 Cause and Effect?  I think every episode that started with a poker game thus far I thought it could be that episode and I was looking for 3's everywhere.  Just as every episode that had lots of people in Ten Forward I thought could be the hostile takeover of crew members by possessed crew members episode which finally showed up with 5.15 Power Play.  I think the episode that affected me this season the most (on first watch, and again here) was the exploration of gender and choice in 5.17 The OutcastI also remember being strongly impacted by the idea of living a lifetime in a few minutes as Picard does in 5.25 The Inner Light.The only things missing this season was Geordi falling for someone and Riker getting abducted!

               photo STTNG517TheOutcast14_zps3228ab57.jpg  photo STTNG525TheInnerLight15_zps08e862bd.jpg photo STTNG526TimesArrowPartOne61_zps41d6c319.jpg

              We end the season as we began, with a cliffhanger but Season 5 leads us with Data stuck on Earth in the past with 5.26 Time's Arrow.  That means it's time to get back to it for me and dive into Season 6, but before then feel free to explore my thoughts on the individual episodes of Season 5 below.

              Archive of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Five Posts
              5.01 Redemption II
              5.02 Darmok
              5.03 Ensign Ro
              5.04 Silicon Avatar
              5.05 Disaster
              5.06 The Game
              5.07 Unification I
              5.08 Unification II
              5.09 A Matter of Time
              5.10 New Ground
              5.11 Hero Worship
              5.12 Violations
              5.13 The Masterpiece Society
              5.14 Conundrum
              5.15 Power Play
              5.16 Ethics
              5.17 The Outcast
              5.18 Cause and Effect
              5.19 The First Duty
              5.20 Cost of Living
              5.21 The Perfect Mate
              5.22 Imaginary Friend
              5.23 I, Borg
              5.24 The Next Phase
              5.25 The Inner Light
              5.26 Time's Arrow

              Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 5 in Pictures
               photo STTNG501RedemptionPartTwo49_zpsb52d8199.jpg  photo STTNG502Darmok28_zpsc9dcd7b6.jpg  photo STTNG503EnsignRo5_zps2257b6a4.jpg

               photo STTNG504SiliconAvatar29_zps628e5b32.jpg  photo STTNG505Disaster3_zpsd9233b92.jpg  photo STTNG506TheGame35_zps30f7f159.jpg

               photo STTNG507UnificationI-51_zpsb27cad30.jpg  photo STTNG508UnificationII-51_zps81464495.jpg  photo STTNG509AMatterofTime1_zpsedc62d47.jpg

               photo STTNG510NewGround24_zps3d0b8ff4.jpg  photo STTNG511HeroWorship15_zps0d3529eb.jpg  photo STTNG512Violations23_zpsbadb3495.jpg

               photo STTNG513TheMasterpieceSociety15_zps8534e50e.jpg  photo STTNG514Conundrum9_zps94d79022.jpg  photo STTNG515PowerPlay18_zps521bdd96.jpg

               photo STTNG516Ethics22_zps9bd026e8.jpg  photo STTNG517TheOutcast16_zps6034d2de.jpg  photo STTNG518CauseandEffect3_zps8dacf823.jpg

               photo STTNG519TheFirstDuty8_zps5b015c6a.jpg  photo STTNG520CostofLiving20_zps88ae0d98.jpg  photo STTNG521ThePerfectMate25_zps3682ffd4.jpg

               photo STTNG522ImaginaryFriend9_zps4f3ff44b.jpg  photo STTNG523IBorg26_zpsce1d0abe.jpg  photo STTNG524TheNextPhase40_zps0bb71aab.jpg

               photo STTNG525TheInnerLight30_zps6f750c55.jpg  photo STTNG526TimesArrowPartOne31_zps19d34781.jpg
              Images Source: TrekCore

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