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It's all about getting to the southern polar region as Troi, O'Brien and Data take over Ten Forward in 5.15 Power Play.

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Power Play
Season 5, Episode 15

  • The Enterprise detects a distress call from a M-class moon that was near where 200 years ago The Essex disappeared and when Troi detects that life is there, and away team investigates. One crash-landing and a pattern-buffer transport rescue, and away team returns but Troi, Data and O'Brien are accompanied by a second consciousness and the trio take hostages in Ten Forward to take over the ship.
    Character Focus:
    • the trio of Troi, Data and O'Brien are a focus, but as they are taken over by other entities it's not really 'them' we are seeing. They entities retain memories of their hosts and access both their ship skills and are aware of their personal relationships and the demeanor of members of the crew.
    • Keiko is also a focus here as she is in Ten Forward when it's taken over with baby Molly with her, and O'Brien remembers her and keeps coming back to her and Molly.
    • Ro also steps up in this episode, and comes up with several ideas to take down the hostage takers.
    What I remembered about this episode:
    • I remember being like "What the heck is going on? Troi hit Picard! Data's all in Worf's face! Who are these people?" It felt very original and I had no idea what would happen next.
    What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
    • This is one of the few episodes in the series that puts forward the idea of life after death.
    • It was really cool to see Ro step up and come up with so many options to take the invaders down, she is actually the source for most of the attempts they make. And it takes multiple tries. This isn't a super-clean one where they just figure it out, they really have to work at it. And the stakes are very high.
    • A shuttlecraft crash landing! We don't get tons of those. And the ride had some nice old-school shaky goodness going on. And their had shuttle craft seatbelts, I never remember seeing that before. Actually, almost every time they show the interior of a shuttlecraft it looks different. I guess they have different kinds.
    • O'Brien is totally kick butt at all this overrides and lock outs, pretty amazing for a transporter chief!
    What feels different now, than then:
    What remained the same:
    • It's a very tense episode, and although I remembered a lot of it I didn't know what would happen next whether it was what action would work against in invaders or if they were the crew of The Essex as they claimed, or even what their end game plane was. It's a very intriguing episode.
    • The whole possessed-O'Brien talking to Keiko and Molly was driving me bananas! Too tense.
    What I see differently:
    • Even though I enjoy both this episode and 5.14 Conundrum, I think it's a little weird to go from an episode where everyone looses their memory to 3 people being taken over. Actually, in both episodes the SHIP is taken over by other being(s). That's kinda crazy.
    • This is a fun one to re-watch, and you can see the actors start to act differently the moment they are aboard an inhabiting other bodies. In particular, Brent Spiner as the possessed-Data is fabulous and subtle in the turbolift on the way back to the bridge. You can see the minuteness of the change in his character, which is also a testament to how uniform 'Data' is played. It's quite amazing.
    Great Quotes:
    • "Spiritual possessions of this sort have been reported throughout Klingon history. It is called jat'yIn - the taking of the living by the dead." - Worf
    • "Number One, so long as they're on board this ship, I'm a hostage no matter where I am. We all are." - Picard
    • " If I could have killed that thing inside me, I would have." - O'Brien
    Left off at:
    Picard leads on the intruders that they will comply with their demands to transport 'remains' from the planet to the ship, but when they get it's clear that the crew will not let them be transported to earth and the big reveal is the entities are from a penal colony on the moon. Picard, Worf and Keiko all express they are willing to sacrifice their life for the crew and their families, and a containment field is in place so they can't get into the ship and they are eventually beamed back down to the planet.

    Images Source: TrekCore


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