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It's time to see what's really going on with Spock being on Romulus in 5.08 Unification II.

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Unification II
Season 5, Episode 1

  • picking up where 5.07 Unification I left off with Picard and Data on Romulus as they meet Spock, we learn that Spock is there to teach Vulcan learnings to eager Romulans as well as move towards Unification between Romulus and Vulcan. Too bad the Senate appears to be a little too eagar to do the same, and so we are taken on new and continuing mystery hunts to discover the truth behind why.
    Character Focus:
    • Ambassador Spock is the focus of the episode, as we learn more about his personal reasons of being on Romulus is to join Romulus and Vulcan in unification.
    • Picard is key in this episode as he won't take no for an answer when Spock waves him off, and he also relays the message of Sarek's passing.  
    • Senator Pardek, the Romulan politican is also key in this episode, and Spock indicates he is the source of the leak to the authorities when they are captured.  I'm not convinced that's the truth, although it seems wrong to contradict Spock.
    • It's also revealed that the mastermind behind thwarting Spock's Unification attempt is Commander Sela, who we last saw in 5.01 Redemption (Part II) and previously we had the huge reveal that she is Tasha Yar's daughter to a Romulan father (from when Tasha Yar went back in time on the Enterprise C in 3.15 Yesterday's Enterprise). 

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    What I remembered about this episode:
    • Oddly, what I remember most about this episode is the comment about Data not getting Riker's hair 'quite right' in the holographic simulation that they use as a distraction against Sela.
    • I also remember the great amount of suspense created when you see Spock deliver the speech about the Romulan invasion, because Sela had the holographic Spock pre-programmed to deliver a convoy speech. 
    What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
    • All the scenes with the young Romulans that are curious and excited about Vulcan culture are really cute.
    • It's truly horrifying that The Romulans killed their own invasion envoy to ensure they wouldn't be captured.
    What feels different now, than then:
    • When Data is relaying all the tech information about breaching the security of the Romulans to the Klingon captain, I was wondering if that was a good idea or not.
    What remained the same:
    • An awesome scene in this episode is where we see Spock and Data work side by side, and discuss their different quests to strive to or suppress being more or less human. It's also fun to see two characters that are 'the straight man' characters from the two different series play off each other. I only recently realized that this archetype is one that I often enjoy, regardless of the show.
    • I also love the bar scene where Worf requests hearing Klingon Opera, and then joins in singing the song. Classic Worf!
    • The distraction of creating / hiding behind holographic walls is brilliant. And the effects in that sequence have held up well.
    What I see differently:
    • Considering there was a big play by Sela and the Romulans just a few episodes back in 5.01 Redemption (Part II), it feels a little quick to see another big move from here that likely took lots of planning given the .
    • I thought Data doing the Vulcan nerve pinch in this one was a cute nod to the similarities between Data and Spock, but when I first saw it I was up in arms and totally miffed at it because it was Spock's signature thing!
    Great Quotes:
    • " Ambassador, with great respect for all that you've achieved on behalf of the Federation, this sort of... cowboy diplomacy will not easily be tolerated anymore." - Picard, to Spock
    • "Since it is logical to conclude that you will kill us in any event, I choose not to cooperate." - Spock
    • "I hate Vulcans. I hate the logic, I hate the arrogance." - Sela
    • "I always had a different vision than my father, the ability to see beyond pure logic. He considered it weak. But I have discovered it to be a source of extraordinary strength. Sarek would have seen this mission of reunification as a fool's errand. Somehow I think it is not. Logic cannot explain why, I only know that I must pursue this." - Spock
    Left off at:
    The distraction Data, Picard and Spock create is enough to lead to Spock sending a message that The Romulans are sending an invasion envoy and the ships are destroyed by a Romulan warbird. When the trio go to retreat off the planet, Spock indicates he will stay behind and continue his work towards Unification. When Spock reveals he never melded with his father, Picard offers him the opportunity to share the memories that he shares and Spock accepts.

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