Monday Meme: Family Traditions

I recently started a new YouTube Channel, and last week I added a Monday Meme to get the ball rolling. This week, with it being Family Day here in Ontario I decided to share Family Traditions in the Monday Meme.

Feel free to play along and share your family traditions in:
  • Books
  • Film
  • TV
  • Music/Song
  • Art
  • Ideas
If you don't have family traditions, you can always start them! Call your sibling up and chat about ideas over your lunch hour, take a class with your mom or introduce your kids to a food from each letter of the alphabet. Reach out and see what happens.

You can see what my siblings are up to at their various sites: My sisters Jamie at Jamie Ridler Studios and Suzie the Foodie, and my brother Jason over at Ridlerville.

Happy Family Day!


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