5 Things I Learned from Re-Winding Oodles of Yarn

Recently I went through the laborious process or re-winding my yarn. It took a lot of time and wasn't all that fun, but in the interest of learning something from everything, I decided to share 5 things I learned from the experience.

1. I can never tell how long each piece of yarn will take

Some of the smallest little bits of yarn were super knotted and could take 2+ hours and some of the larger ones really held their shape and I could fly through in 15 minutes. BUT that wasn't always the case. Too bad it took until the second last batch to realize there was no pattern.

2. If I'm frustrated, make that the last ball to re-wind

Sometimes it was even hard to finish the one I was working on, because I was so frustrated. Usually I could finish the ones I was working on but any time I tried to keep going after that, it got pretty ugly. And that leads to...

3. Pulling yarn HARDER, doesn't help anyone

This is definitely a zen-out kind of thing to do. The harder you pull, the worse things get. The worse things get, the more frustrated you get. At least the more frustrated I got. And I'm pretty challenging to be around when I'm frustrated!

4. I *can* leave it in the middle of the room without putting it away

At the start, I didn't even consider this an option. I wanted it done and away when I was done with it. And although leaving it out isn't the most advisable way to go (especially if you have a pet like me), but I found I could leave it and like... go to sleep if I needed too and pick it up again the next day. Magically, nothing horrible happened. Except likely picking up a few (more) cat hairs. I could cope with that!

5. It takes time. So take the time.

It really does take time, and as much time as it needs to get done. I like being hyper-efficient and super-fast but some things run on their own clock so it's okay to give them the time they need.

There are my yarn learnings. I think a lot of them also apply to life in general, not just re-winding yarn :)

Now I'm happily working away at my first project of the year, a hooded sweater with a centre stripe. YAY for being back to knitting!


Wow, congrats on all of that yarn! What an achievement.

"It takes time. So take the time." Whoa, that's really sticking with me. Thank you for sharing your lessons!
Shannon said…
Thanks Jamie! I'm so glad I stuck it out and ended up getting it all done.

And that's a good quote, eh? I can feel the power of it when I say it, and when I think it. Pretty nutty!
Jana B said…
I'm done with mine too for now... and #1 was the hardest, by FAR, for me to learn. Sometimes, no matter how much I wanted to get a string free... I had to let it go and try another one for a while. Eventually, I would get the first one free - but in the yarn's time, not mine. That is my deep yarn lesson... which should be applicable to real life, but I'm too tired to process how. LOL

Congrats on your yarn sorting!!!!! Can't wait to see what you make!

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