ST:TNG 4.20 Q-Pid ~ Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch

It's time to see who is, and who is not, a Merry Man in the Robin Hood-esque adventure of 4.20 Q-Pid.

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Season 4, Episode 20

  • Picard is preparing to give an archeological lecture when Vash appears on the ship, doubling his nervousness. Then Q appears and in an attempt to repay Picard a debt of survival, he tries to get him to have some fun but displacing the crew from the lecture into Sherwood Forest with Picard as Robin Hood with the quest of saving Vash as Maid Marion.
    Character Focus:
    • Picard is a focus, in particular with things he is uncomfortable with from his preparation to give an archeological speech to the presence of a recent flame on the ship.
    • Speaking of flame, that would be Vash who is back and aboard vaguely connected to the archeological lecture and to see Picard and it appears to also be likely to make an attempt to get onto Tagus III even though there is a treaty against that. We first saw Vash in 3.19 Captain's Holiday where she met Picard and they had quite an adventure and a romance as well.
    • We also get to see Q who appears to be here in his seasonal-ish appearance. I love that he's here because he hates feeling indebted to Picard who helped him when the Q Continuum removed his Q abilities in 3.13 Déjà Q.
    • Although he is no where near the focus, this is a stellar episode for Worf fans, and he's highly quotable here, including the infamous "I am NOT a Merry Man" to saying Vash has "Nice Legs. For a human." Go Worf."

    Images Source: TrekCore

    What I remembered about this episode:
    • I of course remember the Robin Hood adventure, but I really thought it was a holodeck thing.
    • What I remember most about this one was that Vash goes off with Q, and being shocked, but thinking about it now it makes a lot of sense. They both like to have a lot of fun and get into trouble. Or, to be more generous, to do things that could possibly get them into trouble.
    What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
    • It's hilarious that Vash completely messes up Q's plans by simply agreeing to marry Sir Guy. Go Vash! She's not waiting, or needing, to be rescued.
    • This is an episode which is really fun to rewatch as a long time fan, as you get to see things like who Q thinks the crew members are in terms of the Robin Hood characters, Riker as Little John, Data as Friar Tuck, Worf as Will Scarlet, Geordi as Allan A'Dayle and of course Picard as Robin Hood and Q as the Sheriff of Nottingham.
    What feels different now, than then:
    • I had a moment watching this one feeling that my theory about episodes that show different settings often mirror the main story would be shattered with this one, but my theory holds true as it's an episode that opens with a dramatic scene where this is the case and this episode the 'adventure' happens well into the show.
    • It's pretty surprizing to have a guest star episode right after 4.19 The Nth Degree with Barclay, but more than that in this one it's a double guest star episode with both Vash and Q! Who knew they would hit it off so well?
    What remained the same:
    • This one is a lot of fun. I don't always like the escapist/holodeck/other settings episodes, but this one is really funny no matter which part you are talking about. Picard being awkward when Beverly and Vash hit it off, Worf...always, Troi sinking an arrow into Data, Picard sword fighting with Sir Guy and of course Vash being her wonderfully, adventurous self and Q being his wonderfully, troublemaking self.
    What I see differently:
    • I felt a bit bad for Vash, it's clear she's surprized and a little hurt that Picard didn't tell *anyone* about her. Talk about embarrassing!
    • This might be the first time we see Riker try, but fail, to pick someone up! He lays a line on Vash in Ten Forward but she quickly retorts what his next line to her will be. Pretty funny.
    Great Quotes:
    • "Sir, I protest. I am *not* a merry man!" - Worf
    • "You are simply the most impossible person to buy a gift for!" - Q, to Picard
    • "That's the problem with being such a well-known liar. Even when I'm telling the truth, no one believes me." - Vash
    • "I may not show my feelings to my crew; but I do have them." - Picard
    Left off at:
    The crew stage an distraction to help Picard and Vash escape, and when the Robin Hood story plays out Q returns them to The Enterprise. Only thing is, when Vash says goodbye to Picard it's also revealed that she's decided to head off and adventure the universe with Q.

    Images Source: TrekCore


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