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Troi has to 'find tell you!!!" in 4.17 Night Terrors.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch continues with one moon circling in ...

Night Terrors
Season 4, Episode 17

  • The Enterprise finds the USS Brittain adrift with only a Betazoid crew member alive but in a waking coma, and the remainder of the crew appeared to have killed each other. The Enterprise also experiences power loss and is unable to move, and it's determined that they are in a Tyken's Rift and stuck in a space/time rift and after time the crew starts to experience the same erratic behaviour took place on The Brittain.
    Character Focus:
    • Troi is in the limelight here, being the sole person who can dream in such receives/relays communications with the aliens who are also stuck in the Tyken's rift. She also saves Worf from killing himself which is pretty freaking impressive.
    • Data plays a huge role here, as he becomes Acting Captain as Picard makes it clear Data may be their only hope as they descend in to erratic behaviour.
    • Beverly also plays an important part as she is the one that realized the additional problem (other than the Tyken's Rift) to explain crew behaviour is that people aren't achieving REM sleep.
    What I remembered about this episode:
    • I remember Troi's dream; from the the 'One Moon Circles' line to the floating to the "I have to find you! To tell you!" line. It's one of the quickest ones to sum up any episode of the series. You can just say that one line, and people know what you mean. At least Star Trek fans :)
    What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
    • I totally thought this one was way earlier in the series, even back to Season 1, mostly because my family and I would mercilessly make fun of it for the "I have to find you... to tell you!!" like by Troi. Those scene still are pretty goofy, with the Superman-flying/floating, but I don't seem them with quite as harsh eyes anymore which is one of the reasons I'm really enjoying doing a re-watch. That being said, finding that part goofy does appear to be the general reaction to this particular episode.
    • I forgot that Worf tries to commit suicide in this one, but Deanna stops him and saves face for him not letting on what happened.
    • The cast does a great job of being more and more haggard as time goes on, from unkempt to just forgetting things. As always, Patrick Stewart really shines in this episode in trying to maintain clarity in a diminished state.
    What feels different now, than then:
    • We see a lot of 'regular crew members' chatting in this episode, they seem to be the ones first affected. I wonder if that's because they consider regular crew more adept to handling the stress? Do they need other people to freak out first?

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    What remained the same:
    • The odd things people feel and see that is like waking nightmares still freaks me out: Beverly in the morgue when the corpses are sitting up, Riker sensing someone near him, Picard feeling like he's being crushed or beamed up through the turbolift, and even the general paranoia. Star Trek doesn't incorporate elements of horror that often, but when they go there it's very scary.
    • The *huge* gun Guinan has in Ten Forward still looks a bit goofy. That's one of the few times in the series I've just laughed and said "What??". I guess it's pretty normal bartender sensibility, but she's just not like that as far as I've seen. AND she seems unaffected. Does her race not sleep?
    What I see differently:
    • Although this one has moments in it that are pretty crazy and easy to make fun of, I actually quite like it. I think it's really scary in terms of the concept of losing your mind because of not reaching REM sleep as well as Troi only having nightmares. Plus, the entire crew (save Data) have seen an end result of the journey they are on which led others to madness and murder, and that's very scary.
    • I loved how frank Troi when she tells Data that communicating their entire database of available elements was out of the question. I wonder what Data considers a 'simple message'.
    • I'm a little surprized they don't note that they will put up a warning beacon so others won't get caught in the Tyken's rift, mind you that could of been of the many things Data stepped in to do without being asked, as happened for a lot of the episode.
    • This is another 'Data and Troi' save the day one, which we had recently in 4.10 The Loss. They don't often work together, but it's cool to see.
    Great Quotes:
    • "It's a terrifying prospect to lose control of one's mind." - Picard
    • "Eyes... in the dark... One moon circles... " - Voice in Troi's Dream
    • "I have to find you! To tell you!"- Troi
    Left off at:
    It's determined that Troi's dream is actually a message from an alien race trapped in the other side of the Tyken's rift, and by looking at elements Troi recognizes the element of hydrogen from her dream and that this is the message from the aliens to together create an explosion to free them both from the rift. It turns out, she's right!

    Images Source: TrekCore


    Jana B said…
    Good question about Guinan's race sleeping.

    I think there is a book in the Star Trek series similar to this situation... can't remember which book though.

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