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Geordi thinks he's going to meet his dream woman and The Enterprise delivers a space baby in 4.16 Galaxy's Child.

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Galaxy's Child
Season 4, Episode 16

  • Dr. Leah Brams comes aboard The Enterprise so see some of the modifications made by Geordi and during that time the ship also encounters a space dwelling creature that feeds off the ships energy.
    Character Focus:
    • Geordi is who I consider the focus of this episode, as we see him be exciting, try to work with and generally stress out Leah Brahms.
    • Dr. Leah Brahms also is a strong focus, as she comes aboard the ship after being interested in the modifications made by Geordi to The Enterprise. As a refresher, she is one of the designers of The Enterprise and appeared in holographic form in episode 3.06 Booby Trap and helped Geordi during a crisis, and he kind of fell for the holographic version of her.
    • We also have the space entities, who are never named but the space baby is affectionately called Junior.

    Images Source: TrekCore

    What I remembered about this episode:
    • I remember this one to be shocking for the fact that we see the *real* Leah Brahms, and how surprizing it is that she is so different from version we saw in 3.16 Booby Trap from being combative to being... married!
    • In terms of the space creature baby, I knew right away that this was also the 'sours the milk' episode, although I didn't remember the fact that there were more space creatures in the asteroid field where they dropped off the Junior.
    What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
    • Picard looks truly horrified when it's revealed that their firing on the space entity, in fact killed it. Even if it's standard procedure, the horror clearly comes through.
    • Guinan again saves the relationship day and is the voice of reason. She's got lots of tough love going on here, which was awesome.
    • One more 'no one listens to Worf' episode, they don't see the space baby as an threat and/or are willing to abandon it; but it soon latches on and starts draining their energy.
    What feels different now, than then:
    • Although it's pretty Trek to have a happy ending in terms of relationships, I'm a little surprized how they did get that far that quick with Leah and Geordi. She's rightfully horrified when she watches the holodeck program and sees the holoversion of herself, but after they hash it out and leave it, they seem to pretty quickly get to being friends. Geordi does make a good argument that all he's tried to do was be her friend, and they do work well together, but still feels odd to get that quick to being 'okay'.
    • That being said, I also think it's pretty gutsy of the show to have something from a characters past that was grey/questionable, actually come back to bite them.
    What remained the same:
    • It's hard not to love the earnestness of Geordi's character, even though his past history with the holodeck Leah Brahms is strange, you can't help but root for him here.
    What I see differently:
    • This is one episode that has pretty evenly divided between two story lines: Geordi meeting the (real) Leah Brahms and then the space entity and baby, although I remember both clearly I don't quite put them together and certainly remember Geordi's story line more than the baby's so I didn't know which one this was by title even if I recognized it in less than a minute.
    Great Quotes:
    • "Captain, I'd like to announce the birth of a large baby... something." - Dr. Crusher
    • "She's probably done the most horrific thing one person can do to another - not live up to your expectations. So I'd take a good, long, hard look at her, La Forge. See her for who she is. Not for what you want her to be. ." - Guinan
    • "I'm outraged by this! I have been invaded, violated! How dare you use me like this? How far did it go anyway? Was it good for you?" - Dr. Leah Brahms
    • "I'm guilty of... reaching out to you. Of hoping we could connect. I'm guilty of a terrible crime, Doctor. I offered you friendship." - Geordi
    Left off at:
    Geordi and Leah come up with the idea of 'souring the milk' of the energy that the space entity baby is feeding off of from The Enterprise, the idea works and they take the baby to a nearby asteroid field were there are others of it's kind. Working together also eases the tension that cropped up between Geordi and Leah, leaving the episode on a high note.

    Images Source: TrekCore


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