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The mythic Ardra holds a planet, and The Enterprise, at bay in 4.13 Devil's Due .

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Devil's Due
Season 4, Episode 13

  • The Enterprise responds to a distress call on Ventax II where a science station gets hit with a riot on the planet from the inhabitants are up in arms and the return of Ardra, the mythic being who gave them 1,000 years of peace and prosperity in return for their mortal souls, for which she has come to collect.
    Character Focus:
    • Ardra is the focus of the episode, mostly for the havoc she wrecks on the people of Ventax II.
    • Picard plays a huge role not only for decided to help the people of Ventax II get out of this situation with Ardra, even though they might be okay with it, but also because Ardra takes a liking to Picard.
    • Data is also in the forefront of this episode as he serves and the quick-real-all expert on the contract and legal precedents of Ventax II, but also ends up serving as arbitrator to resolve the issue. Plus, we get to see him act!.
    What I remembered about this episode:
    • I remember when I first watched this one, I had no idea how they would get out of the situation. Ardra makes The Enterprise disappear, she transports people from place to place and appears on the ship when they don't want her there. It was quite formidable.
    What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
    • It's interesting that they started this episode with Data working on his acting, and then it leads to 'Ardra' who "acts" like a god/devil/etc as her way of going about the universe. It was also funny to see Picard say he was 'vaguely familiar' with the 'outdated' style called "Method Acting". Too funny.
    • The shuttle Data and Picard are in seems really small, and short from front to back. I guess they don't have any cargo. And yes, I feel like a super-geek for noticing!
    What feels different now, than then:
    • I'm a little surpized the one isn't simply called 'Ardra'.
    • I got more of kick out of Ardra's playfulness in this episode than first watch, she's quite a entertainer.
    • It was cool to see all the speculation on what Ardra is, especially the idea of her being Q. I think it's amazing that no one even considered she *could* be Ardra, but then there are rarely any deities shows as real.
    What remained the same:
    • Not too much actually, I remember the basic premise and that felt like it remained the same but I forgot about the arbitration, or Data being the judge. I idd think it was funny that Ardra beams Picard down to the station in his night clothes. That cracked me up.
    • I did remember then, and now, that Picard's argument is brilliant when he made it clear that the people of the planet itself resolved the problems they were having 1,000 years ago, and it doesn't look like Ardra had anything to do with it.
    What I see differently:
    • There is an interesting philosophical question in the episode about the idea that if the 2 parties agreeing to the terms of a contract, who is it for anyone to say otherwise?
    • I do tend to find it a bit annoying though when there is a character like this and Troi doesn't have a sense of them, she does say Ardra has a 'extremely focused mind', but that feels like a bit of a give so that they don't yet know what Ardra's intentions are.
    • This is actually the first time where I remember something a bit differently, they have the resolve being on the planet as a part of the court case where Picard uses the program from Ardra's ship and performs the same 'tricks'. I thought this happened on The Enterprise bridge, and with the bridge staff - I guess I'm remembering a similar situation in a different episode.
    Great Quotes:
    • "Since I have no emotional awareness to create a performance, I am attempting to use performance to create emotional awareness." - Data
    • "Please do not take any offense to these questions, Captain. You know how fond I am of you." - Ardra
    • "I've encountered many, who're more credibly to be called the devil than you." - Picard
    Left off at:
    Geordi discovers the location of Ardra's cloaked ship and therefore Picard is able to perform her miraculous 'acts' during the arbitration as well as reveals she's know by at least 23 aliases. Ardra releases her claim on Ventax II but planet security is called and they appear to detain her for her crimes.

    Images Source: TrekCore


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